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[Completed] EPSiLON Private Investigator Firm Badge.

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BYOND Key:Prospekt1559

Character name:EPSiLON

Item name: EPSILON Private Investigator Badge.

Why is your character carrying said item to work?EPSiLON is carrying this badge to resemble his employment in a Private Investigator firm. He carries it with him where he goes when he is stationed on the NSS Aurora. Anyway, it's his issued badge that he's required to carry on his person at all times while he is working.

Item function(s): When clicked on it works like a holobadge, showing his credentials such as his name and employment.

Item description: It's a leather badge with gold plating on the front. When looking closely it is engraved with a eyeglass, underneath it has two letters "E . I".

Item appearance:I already made the sprite at, http://gyazo.com/558f1ecc7f6e763cbec356243b96749e.

Additional comments: Any additional improvements to make it look better is fine by me by any of our spriters. For the download link of this, I'll include it if this gets accepted so you can use the sprite that I made.

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I'm willing to accept this application, but only under one condition:

You will not wave this badge around all the time when off-duty, and be all like "I PLAY SECURITY, I AM LAW" and what not. When off-duty, you are off-duty, and I don't want to see you using the badge as an excuse for doing things like fighting operatives with improvised weaponry, taking charge of a security situation, etc. When you are off-duty, you are off-duty, and this will only serve as a conversation piece.

How does that sound?

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