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[Completed] Kerbal22's custom item request

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BYOND Key: Kerbal22

Character name: Dominika Kuznetsov

Item name: Ushanka

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Dominika wears it as a remembrance from her childhood, and because it is one of the few items she has from her home.

Story time!

Dominika gazed out over the harsh, frozen wasteland of her home. A icy, cold piece of land that was dubbed "New Sibera" by it's settlers. Oh, the colony was one of the inner colonies..nameless, really. It was of little interest to anyone but the settlers living there. It was the middle of winter, a cold, harsh time for everyone, with temperatures regularly dropping beyond -30C. It was a 'warm' day, and Dominika, only 14 years old, was admiring the beauty of the landscape, even though this world sought to kill her and everything she knew, it was home, and she loved it.

A man walked up beside her, or what one would assume was a man. In reality, it was the man that Dominika was to be betrothed to. She didn't want it, but her parents did. Always trying to control her life, they were...

"Dominika," He spoke in a slow, Russian-like drawl. "Why do you stand out in the cold, and not in the warm of a bed with me?"

Dominika flinched away. He had beaten her earlier today. "Because, i want to be alone." she speaks quietly, her voice quivering softly.

"Dominika...you know that your punishments are to make you a good wife.." He speaks, his tone growing cold. Dominika knew what was coming. She was ready for it.

She turned to face him, he had already drawn his fist back, aiming for her face.

Time seemed to slow for her as she reveals a sharp knife, slamming it deep within his gut and yanking upwards, violently eviscerating him. He fell where he stood, and she reaches down, pulling her knife from his gut.

"Pig." she spits at his still cooling corpse.

She walked away, after wiping the knife off on his coat, sheathing it. She comes across an old supply shed, quickly walking in and grabbing a heavy survival pack she had prepared.

It was time for her to leave this world.

Atop her head, her ushanka rested, keeping her warm in the harsh wind.


Item function(s): It's a hat. What more could you ask for?

Item description: A comfy fur ushanka, with a small red star embroidered on the front of it.

Item appearance: Just the normal ushanka item.

Additional comments: This should be simple enough.

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I'd be willing to accept this, but only as long as the murder thing never comes up IC'ly unless Dominika is an antagonist of sorts where I think you could do something interesting because surprise, I've killed people before, and now I'm going to kill you. You get to keep the ushanka, you get to use it as a conversation point about Dominika's childhood, and you get to describe things about the man, but not a word about murder. How does that sound?

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