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Question about ages and also about prosthetics

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So. On our Wiki lore, the average lifespan is listed, with an example being the inner colonies having an average span of 250 years. Which, honestly, makes a lot of sense given the amount of technological advancement.

So theoretically, would people in general not be much, much older (despite appearances) due to the amount of knowledge that would need to be accumulated in earlier stages of life to survive and thrive in the current world? We could argue that the mainstays of technology in the Aurora universe would be just as integrated into society as computers and cars are in ours now, and would be second nature to most, to which I would argue that operating a spaceship and a genetics bay would be infinitely more complex and require more knowledge than say, posting a selfie to Facebook, or driving a car. But I digress

We could presume that people would go to school/university/college for a much lengthier period of time than we currently do in our day and age, considering the lifespan has been inflated and that one could afford to spend this much time being educated to the maximum and most beneficial degree.

I suppose my closing question is, what should the 'average' age be for an individual to get onboard a research facility as prestigious as the Aurora? 40? 70? Could we also take into consideration that where being 20 or-so in our day and age equates to (assuming our average lifespan is 80 years of age) 1/4 of the average human life, if we were to be living until 240, then that's like 1/12th. And I believe that our lore should me modified to accustom as such. Especially with the maximum age actually only being 85.

Secondly, I have a question with regards to prosthetics. Are there any notable prosthetic businesses/monopolies of note that mass produce and provide prosthetics across known-space? It'd provide a pretty interesting RP point if we could set our description about our prosthetics with regards to the make, so people can associate the make with prosperity and status. Much like seeing a Bentley, as opposed to a Robin Reliant.

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I'm pretty sure the age of getting on a station ranges depending on the position, maybe averaging between late 20's and early 40's. Basically around the same ages as modern day, since schooling would take a similar amount of time in general.

And Nanotrasen is a rather large producer of prosthetics, I believe. Though nobody is preventing you from making up a name of a company that would have made the prosthetics your character has, considering that most people have vastly different ideas about how they look anyway.

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