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Captain Gecko

WTB Anomalous Materials

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[Connecting Connection complete!]

[Opening discussion with user: "FARK"]


>Fark here.

>Market for anomalies and shit is growing.

>There's money to be made.

>Problem is, everything onthe market comes from the people with pros working on it, IE, big corpos. Actually there's only big corpos SMH.

>Anyways, I need one of these. Old ass spoons or ancient death machines I don't give a fuck.

>I just need something to put on the market.

>There's no precise reward, but whoever manages to bring me something gets a percentage of what I get when I sell it, so bring valuable stuff for your own sake, or rather, profit.

>I don't want any lose ends by the way, I ain't taking anything from you if you've got NT or some shit after you.

>I don't care, I don't to know about how you extract it, just do your fucking job. Bring me interesting stuff, and no loose ends.

>Once you're somewhere safe and with the stuff, contact me, I'll get you.

>See ya.

>Or not.


[User: "Fark" disconnected]


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