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Incident Report - Felix Walters, Kelvin Stephenso

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Reporting Personnel: Ziva Mo'Taki

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Maintenance Technician

Personnel Involved: Duty Officers (Felix Walters, Kelvin Stephenso), Engineering department (Ziva Mo'Taki, Ridley Aulmais, Paul Fauteux, Andy Waterson, Nasir Ha'kim)

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: NSS Aurora

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty []Harassment []Assault []Misconduct [X]Other Failure to properly investigate and report issues to departments (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident: Duty officers performed a surprise investigation. their report includes items that were already fixed by the time she became aware of them and checked on them (Missing tiles. Exposed wiring. She thinks vandalism or sabotage but it was fixed by the time someone mentioned it to her). Nothing that they listed in their report was ever reported to engineering prior to her pay being deducted. Everything she was told about, she fixed - The bar floor (Delayed because wood needed to be delivered by cargo), doors in cargo not working. Another engineer fixed the security doors that were not working as soon as it was reported.

She was also told an anomaly in the power system was a reason for her pay being deducted. That is something completely out of her control, that nobody can predict or prevent in her experience.

She and the rest of engineering do not deserve the pay deduction they were given. Everything reported was fixed, and a couple things not reported but discovered were also fixed.


Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Research Director Cecillia Lambert

Additional notes: One of the duty officers fell asleep while she was talking to them about this

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Duty Officer Kelvin Stephenson here, Whilst I can not deny that I was indeed onboard the NSS Aurora during the inspection in progress. I feel I must inform the parties involved that I was not part of the Inspection. I was actually on station to conduct an interview with another employee who for security reasons will not be named.

Despite my lack of involvement, I will be excusing myself from the fallow up investigation given my presence on station During Officer Walters investigation


Kelvin Stephenson

NMS Odin D.O. Division

Office #370

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I am Nanotrasen Duty Officer Felix Walters

I performed a surprise inspection of the NSS Aurora on the 25/03/2457; upon arrival, I found that the Primary Tool Storage, the Vault, and the Bar had sustained damage; I also found that at least two members of the Engineering team were in the bar, drinking, and another two were in the engineering lobby, chatting. I do not know whether Miss Mo'Taki was among them.

The damage to the bar was unable to be repaired due to a failure of Cargo to provide materials to do so, so it is discounted.

After submitting my findings to the Research Director; I gave a grace period of fifteen minutes for the issues to be rectified, as the station damage was just one of many serious issues I had uncovered.

After the fifteen minute time period had expired, I started a second inspection, being met with mockery and insults on the engineering frequency while I was doing so; however, that is irrelevant; though I suggest the engineering team takes a Central Command inspection more seriously.

The damage to the Vault and Primary Tool Storage was repaired; however, during the time of the inspection, there was a fault in engineering, leading to an over-pressure, risking lives and resources, as well as cutting off a section of the station; and while entering the engineering lobby itself, after the fault had been cleared, a power system safety measure was tripped; due to abnormal power activity; whether this was due to an external event, or poor power management; considering it was not the only power issue that had occurred that shift, at one point on shift, the SMES systems had to be increased due to power drain that the Engineers failed to take account for.

Taken as a whole, I decided to give engineering an Inadequate grading, which was not the worst grading I was forced to give out that shift; leading to a temporary wage drop for engineering staff of 5%.

If Miss Mo'Taki does not wish events such as this to occur, I would suggest she works with the rest of her team to keep them motivated and on top of issues; it was not her doing that led to the decision, but the combined actions and effectiveness of the department.

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