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LoneTopHat/Solomon Pierce

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BYOND Key: cassyjenelle

Player Byond Key: LoneTopHat

Reason for complaint: Sexual Harrassment, Trolling via byond pager during the game, IC sexual harrassment

Approximate Date/Time: 26th March 2015, 2pm-ish (GMT +0, London time)

So, I'm playing my character Camile Crafter, the bartender. Solomon Pierce is a security officer and is in my bar as one of my patrons. He flirts with my character, promptly kissing her on the cheek. He also repeatedly "checks out" my bartender during the shift. I shrug this off OOC'ly and don't take it seriously, just taking it as roleplaying a flirt and something I often get for playing a female character but during my gameplay after Camile rejects Solomon for a date I get a few pager requests from LoneTopHat, Solomon's player.

He asked "why can't they date?", I just went with it and light-heartedly gave IC reasons as to my character is not romantically attracted to men and that, if anything she would just use him for FWB and not much more, not sensing any malicious or actual sexual intent. Anyway, we had a small discussion about our characters. Seems okay at first. Then suddenly, he asks me if I'm a guy - I assume he's joking, because why would it matter anyway? Then boom! This!




I'm a bit innocent at mind, I suspected it. I even asked if it was his penis out of instinct and he said nothing, but I really, really did not actually expect a dick pic. I've recently had a bit of a trauatic moment in life (this month actually) very recently regarding sexual harassment and it caught me off guard. I wish I was more receptive to what was happening but I think that LoneTopHat shouldn't have done this. When I discussed with a friend she told me that this player actually has a reputation for similar behaviour (this was forshadowed by a mention of something similar a few days ago.) Here's some more excerpts.





Is it appropiate for players to ckey troll each other through the game giving unsolicited nudes? I was about to let this slide but then he told me it was a troll, and my friend told me this is very serious behaviour and it's to be taken seriously. What if I were underage, vulnerable (as I am), etc? I don't think he really understand how serious it is, so here it is.

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Have seen the picture for myself, the admins on at the time, there were 4 online at the time this popped up.

This is a no no, it's sexual harassment and could be illegal depending on situations and or country's.

Trolling people to blow off steam is not what you do in this community and this isn't the first time we have heard that you have annoyed people over byond pager.

The admins online decided that a ban is needed.

After another chat with more admins we have decided there is no appeal.

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