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[Completed] Zinaida's ERT Jacket

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BYOND Key: GlamourChariot

Character name: Zinaida Langford

Item name: Emergency Response Team duty jacket

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

She's an ERT engineer, she wears it because it's her duty jacket and always has it on her.

Item function(s): Same as the normal one

Item description: Same as the normal one (Except maybe it's got a marker on the left saying 'Tpr Langford')

Item appearance: Same as the normal one

Additional comments:

The jacket does not add any armour at all. It is basically a normal jacket with pockets.

It can hold weapons but Zinaida almost never gets a weapon unless she is on duty working as ERT or protection detail, and they are viable when examined

Totally not stolen from Scope's application, Zinaida and Fai work together okay what do you expect

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