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The Ides of March Are Come - Menown's Unban Appeal

Guest Menown

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Guest Menown

BYOND Key: Menown
Total Ban Length: Ad Infinitum
Banning staff member's Key: MattAtlas
Reason of Ban: image.png.1bcd02f758b6d381f635e657f930f39b.png
Reason for Appeal: There’s really nothing I can say for certain that will garner an approval of my appeal. The rules were broken and I accept the punishment well enough. While I will admit I overreacted, the only argument I have for it is that my infraction occurred from forum actions. During the day it occurred, Alberyk said I was going to be forum banned, which I wasn’t. I was outright permanent banned, with the claim being that what I did was in bad faith by Matt.

Obviously what I did was wrong, but my intent wasn’t in bad faith. It was an overreaction to a warning I received when I told somebody “I don’t give a fuck, don’t ping me.” in response to randomly being pinged. Following the ban, I elected to try and handle the original issue the way Alberyk had later instructed I should have, through a staff complaint, which while wasn’t resolved in a way I’d have liked, I accepted the ruling of due to the finality of it, and the proper process being followed.

Three months have passed since the ban was placed. I was going to wait four but I can’t see how time will fix anything that my attempt to do things the right way hadn’t, so this is my last ditch effort to salvage things and ask for one more chance, due to the nature of the infraction and my attempt to rectify it properly despite my original overreaction.

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This appeal is denied and, more than likely, all following appeals will be as well.

You have proved time and time again that you cannot be trusted to hang around Aurora. Chances are not infinite and you have burnt your last.

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