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NanoTrasen Employee Record: Saite Kesra

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NAME: Saite Kesra

DATE OF BIRTH: Jun 21, 2435

AGE: 22


SEX: Female

CITIZENSHIP: Izweski Hegemony

CLEARANCE LEVEL: Staff (Civilian)

EMPLOYED AS: Cargo Technician, L1; Janitor, L1



HEIGHT: 193 cm (6'4")

SCALE COLOR: Red-brown

EYES: Gold



  • Janitorial: Less than 1 year (Plus several years at-home)
  • Cooking: Less than 1 year (Plus several years at-home)
  • Cargo: Less than 1 year



  • Mar 2457 - Employment contract signed.
  • Apr 2457 - Assigned to NSS Aurora following orientation - Janitor
  • May 2457 - Cargo Technician added to job roll



  • Cooking (Home-trained, knows various Unathi dishes)
  • Janitorial/Maintenance (Home-taught, including cleaning, basic equipment maintenance, pest control)
  • Secretarial (Home-taught, including organizing and filing documents)
  • Information Technology (Basic knowledge of computer usage)
  • Medicine (Basic first aid)

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NOTE: This post is OOC information, not publically available IC.

Saite was born to and grew up in a clan of Unathi engineers, though as one of the females of the clan, she was never trained in any of her family's engineering work. Instead, her time with the family was spent helping clean their home, put food on the table, keep things organized and, at times, would join her male siblings to do the same tasks at a job site.

Due to the nature of her clan's work, there was some contact with travellers and merchants of other species when she was working at a job site preparing food and cleaning messes. As she grew up, she started getting more and more interested in the stories these visitors had to tell of the universe outside Moghes. On her twentieth birthday (hatch-day?), she approached her grandfather - The clan's current Alpha - with a request to leave Moghes like other Unathi have before her to explore the outside universe she had heard so much about. He was reluctant, at first, but eventually gave in to the idea, on a single condition: She would be accompanied by one of her brothers. Siiead Kesra (See-Ed), from the same clutch, volunteered to go with, and in the year 2456 they had both set out with the Alpha's blessing.

A year later, and Saite had found employment with NanoTrasen. Having just signed her employment contract, and completed her orientation training and shown she knows enough Tau Ceti Basic to function on station, she has been assigned to the NSS Aurora for janitorial and assistant work as a trial period.

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