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Holodeck training suite


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So, we have a holodeck, right?

But right now there's only entertainment options.

A few dead-hours people (including Josh1133) and myself have come to the conclusion that the Holodeck could certainly use a more utilitarian aspect - a whole training suite, so that assistants in the various domains (genetics, medical, surgery, chemistry, toxins, engineering and so on) could safely train on their job and have fuck-ups matter less (at least that would be the in-universe explanation - the real purpose would be that players can try things safely, experiment and learn things - and new players get to try and learn a job out before fucking up another player).


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If we did this I think we should have multiple holo decks to support it. But yeah basically I think the premise is that when using the holo deck a simulated version of the work area would appear? Or maybe even custom training courses so if you picked engineering it would put you in a tiny room with a hardsuit and then you'd have to go fix up the rest of that holo deck suite.

Or if you chose medical it would spawn a bunch of damaged mobs and give you the tools to fix them.

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