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Guideline to Responding to Whitelist Apps

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So, after a bit of talking with my fellow lore people. We spoke about how useless some of the posts on the whitelist apps are. The whole point of changing it in the first place was so that we could make sure we got decent feedback rather than "gut rp +1" I want to know why it was good.

Also criticism helps, if you know some of your friends bad points in rp tell us in the posts. Everyone has flaws, telling us helps us assess their character better and it might even push them to improve. Just tell us good and bad things so we know the people better, because as it is "gut rp +1" just leaves the decision in the hands of the staff processing the app. If there's actual honest good and bad feedback the staff will be more likely inclined to accept an app that he wasn't so sure about.

Anyway to the last point - I'll be deleting posts that aren't at all constructive. Saying someone is good is fine. Saying someone is bad is fine. Just please tell me why.

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