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forbid Wizards being friendly


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What it says on the tin. I'm sick of wizards showing up and going OH MY GOSH IM SO FRIENDLY BRAH, and no one reacting like a sane human being to a man who can walk through walls in a funny outfit showing up on a station that's so far away from everything else it mine as well be inside the middle of a planets core.

And you can't actually /restrain/ a wizard, because a wizard will always teleport away. I'd honestly rather we get rid of wizard, but since people have some fetish for this mode id suggest making some sort of blanket rule about not doing this, or pulling a "gonna pretend to be friendly cause everyone won't bother to argue" thing, then whipping fireballs the moment sec asks them to stand down.

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This is, um, no?

You're actually suggesting trying to restrict the way somebody plays an antag role for the sake of, what?

Furthermore, I think you're generalizing just a tad.

Not everyone reacts to the wizard being friendly by dismissing it as just another happening on the station, and I've seen friendly wizards tackled down by security, implanted, and then held until the transfer.

I wouldn't be in favor of this at all, because it limits the options of the antag. If they can't be friendly, legitimately or not, then it just ends up becoming Murderfest 4000, Now With More !UNFUN!

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