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[Denied] Potatohboi's item application.

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BYOND Key:Potatohboi

Character name:Phillip Asimov

Item name:Earbuds

Why is your character carrying said item to work?

Phillip is carrying said item to work because when he spoke with a psychologist,he said that music may help reduce his hallucinations,so Phillip has been using earbuds as a treatment.

Item function(s):Purely cosmetical.

Item description:Generic earbuds with a small label on it:"Phillip Asimov"

Item appearance:Normal white earbuds.

Additional comments:None.

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As the suggesting psychologist, I approve of this item. Though, it requires spriting, which may reduce its chances of being accepted if nobody steps up to do it.

Perhaps if your application gets denied, you could simply say it didn't even help a little bit.


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That is a good point. People are unlikely to notice a tiny white sprite, true. But, people also may not notice a little note in flavor text or a pose. Additionally, if anything IC is to come of it, it's less likely to happen if it's just a "Oh by the way I have earbuds." rather than a clearly defined physical item.

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As a show of good faith despite the outlook seeming grim for poor Potatohboi, I've went ahead and whipped up some pretty crude sprites.






The first is obviously just a recolor of the default headphone sprite. The second is a super-huge kind of shoddy spess ipod.

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