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Serious question. Serious discussion. Let's go.

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I would, cut the calandar company a deal.

I'd ask for maybe a few dozen calanders, and then decorate an entire room with calandars everywhere.

Then they could do a weird ad using the room with all the calandars.

It would be great.

I would then sell the room as hipster modern art.

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Well, I mean, think about it. When you get a year's supply of chocolate, you get a lot of fucking chocolate.

I could probably understand that "a year's worth" of anything is one serving size for each day. So, 365 rations of chocolate, for each day.

But then you have like, calendars. A calendar for each day, right? 365 days in a year, but that also makes one full calendar. Would you get 365 calendars (excluding leap years here, but let's not get ahead of ourselves) for each day, or one calendar for 365 days, which is a complete fucking rip-off, since you were told you were getting a year's supply?

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