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Araskael's Unathi Application

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BYOND Key: Araskael

Character Names: Mason Xavyrikk, Morgan Mckendrick, Vick Santaru

How long have you been playing on Aurora: At least one day.

Species you are applying to play: Unathi

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Dark red

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: I've referred to the Unathi lore on baystation quite a lot. I don't know Aurora's version by heart, but it seems fairly similar to the original baystation's and I will reference to it often most likely.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

It's the race I have the most experience of other than human. I find them really fun and interesting to play as. For example, I like their behavior and mannerisms and it's interesting to me to use them. The character that I have specifically are one of my more detailed characters and one I'm more comfortable playing with. I also enjoy diversity in games with different species to play as, and find them fun to see them around if played well.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

They have their own biology, mannerisms, and traditions or culture that set them apart from humans and the other races. Since Unathi are carnivorous, it wouldn't make sense if one were a vegetarian. Due to their cold blood, they wouldn't love the nice brisk cold of winter. And of course how they would act; for example, when they're agitated, they'd thump their tail against the ground. Generally, they are more prideful and more reliant on physical strength. They have many different things that set them culturally apart, for example, referring to another by their first name is improper to social norms unless they have acquainted or gave them permission. Another example would be that their female are treated as lower or property to males.


Character Name:Kir Akenzua

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Kir was an orphan, hatched of unknown origin. Her earliest years were spent at a civilian station to be cultivated with humans. Her earliest memory would be of poverty and accepting help from anyone that would give it; this included vague figures of Unathi in her memory that tried to teach her Unathi tradition and language. Consequently of her situation, she grew up being more rich in human culture. As she grew up, she took any job she could, ones that mostly dealt with brute strength or various low-end jobs. She also got involved with crime which included assault, theft, and battery; this eventually erupted to a case of murder. The fight that lead up to the murder ended up with her having to amputate her left arm; ever since she lost her arm, she has always refused prosthetic aid. She spent a generous five years in prison and rehabilitation which felt like an eternity of hell to her.

After her parole, she decided to work towards education, and pursued training in construction and engineering. On her spare time, she worked many with mining, as well as cooking and getting a bar-tending license. As she got older, and farther away from her criminal years, her aggressiveness definitely improved. She eventually was adopted by another Unathi named Zubari as a sister, and legally added his last name 'Akenzua'. Today, she stands a few little inches over six feet and with a fairly skinny, yet built body. She has dark red scales and spiked frills on her head. Her irises are dark enough to be considered black, but very vaguely violet. Under her eyes are slightly darkened. She typically sports an indifferent or tired look, rarely smiling. She speaks fairly rough, informal, yet decent at the human language. Her voice is not completely sibilant; she seems to have made a huge effort to try to speak with less sibilance.

What do you like about this character?

Her personality is easy to play as she has some qualities that I myself have experience with. I have history playing with her, so I feel most comfortable with playing as her. She's a little anti-social and indifferent, but not despicable.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?

On a good day, I consider myself a decent roleplayer. There's of course bad days for me, but even then, I never [intentionally] break roleplay.


I've been looking for another server to fall back to that met my expectations. I've played a round or few on Aurora, and saw that roleplay is taken very seriously here, which I really like. I wanted to start out as Kir since I have a lot of history with playing with her, and she is my most detailed character I have currently.

Kir is not traditionally an Unathi, but still has some culture still instilled in her. She's indifferent, a little bit anti-social, with some aggressiveness, but doesn't go out of her way to be irritable, especially to those who don't deserve it.

And for an added bonus, here's an in-game picture of her: https://i.imgur.com/3oscOJR.png and a somewhat mediocre picture I drew of her: https://i.imgur.com/H5eT7b4.png

And, question: If this application is approved, I am allowed to create another Unathi character in the future if I wished, or do I have to create a new application for that?

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Oh sorry. I was tired when I typed this up. I'll revise it as soon as possible.

Edit: I touched it up, hopefully it's sufficient. I'm not sure how much more I should list, there's a lot of information on them that I don't want to repeat, unless I should.

I've read through the Aurora Unathi lore twice, yet I still need some time to get it committed to memory. Yet, I would have it on reference on the meantime if I forgot anything.

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I have not interacted with any of your characters, sadly, so I will be judging you on the quality of the application. Your answers to the questions are articulate and thoughtful, which is pleasing and shows you are serious about playing an Unathi. You say that you have played this character before, and that you know her well. Due to this, I could definitely see you becoming a familiar face on the station - one that is very fresh, too, being a red female Unathi amputee - should your whitelist be accepted. This personally makes me very happy because you being on the station would mean its population would tend to my ideals of diversity. Therefore, I would happily give this application a +1...

... However, there's just a couple of things I'd ask you to clarify. For one, why would NanoTrasen accept a disabled person with a clearly defined criminal record? It's worth justifying this somehow in the backstory section. Perhaps, aside from murder, it was all minor fluff crimes that were exaggerated to her detriment because of female prejudice. Maybe she was framed for the murder, or was merely an accessory to the crime that took the fall for the real culprit. Who knows, what if there's someone looking out for her in a corrupt fashion on the inside of NT bureaucracy. The second thing I'd recommend, is to mention somehow what roles she will be taking on the station, e.g. cargo technician, botanist. Not only will this give us a better idea of what to expect, it will also generate favour for you if you give her appropriate roles for her experience (so far noted to be only civilian-level).

In conclusion, I really want you on station! But just have a look at these things, yeah? Sorry for the constant editing, but standards here are pretty high; should you be accepted, you'll fit them, won't that make you feel happy? Yay!~

Note Addressed To mrimatool: Tool, I'm so dumb, I only just realised why my previous posts were deleted. Sorry for being dumb.

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There's of course a lot of information I could give about Kir, but that might break the whole 'short backstory' thing because there's quite a lot I could say about her. I've gave a few hints at what she would work at in the back-story provided, that she'd most likely work in things like chef, bar-tending, cargo tech, engineer; she definitely wouldn't be working in science or security. As for her disability and her criminal background, that's really up to the admins or anyone to decide. However, she would have proven in the past that she is capable of performing tasks either as well as an able-bodied person, or better than one. As for her criminal background, she has served her time and successfully completed rehabilitation; I would imagine that the program she was in allowed her a second chance to work. And for her murder, it was in direct relation to how she lost her arm. She got in a fight with a man after constant harassment. He pulled out a knife mid-fight, and sliced into her arm very deep. In a fit of rage, she crushed his throat which had killed him. She was taken to the emergency room as her arm was barely attached, and found that it was severely infected. They had no other choice but to amputate. Due to very personal dislike, she had refused prosthetic aid since then. Her other crimes were definitely very small and trivial, but I could see that they made it out to be worse due to who she was.

There's kind of nobody on this server that can really attest to my roleplay ability. I'm not going to pretend I'm the greatest, but I still very much try, and appreciate good roleplay.

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