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Blood Bowl!


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wot da fook is dis?

This game is like... Warhammer mixed with football. It's really fuggin' good. It's a turn based strategy game, with 16 turns per round and half-time. You have a lovely cast of narrators and all the Warhammer races you know and love. That's the simple summary, there are many more mechanics explaining this game. However, pray to Nuffle your dice rolls don't fuck you over. Because you have to beat a cheating AI.

this is stupid wow tell me ur teeeams

I have a buncha teams that are all cool, I won't be showing rosters because... I'm lazy.

Slanni 69ers - Chaos Undivided (There's only Khorne, Nurgle and Chaos undivided teams)

Catch me if you can - Nurgle (all the players are named after STIs)

The cheetahs - Amazon (all named after big cats)

The Family - Dark Elves (all named mafioso)

Manly Viking Men - Norse (All their names are named after Manly men, such as, Paul Bunyan, Dwayne the rock, etc.)



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