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  1. Ninja has some pretty good potential to wreak havoc and interact with people because of their guerilla warfare style of play. In general some good ground rules are first and foremost, don't behead, you're already strong enough in the first place and can kill people again if they didn't get the message the first time. Avoid IPCs they'll ruin your day because the best counter is lasers and emp, neither of which you have. Don't vent areas unless by god you have to. It's a pain in the neck for everybody. Set simple goals for yourself and the fun will come with it. Play like a hammer too, just waltz into medbay if you need to pickup some splints if your leg gets capped, or some painkillers. Immediately everyone knows what's going on, and if someone is stupid enough to attack you take off a leg and keep going. If you need a power cell, or want to cap science in the knees before they arm Security with super weapons? Teleport in past their lockdown, it's ideal for you. Restrain them, grab what you need and keep going. It's a simple and foolproof way to get people interacting in the round, save power, and practice your ninja skills. If you're very inclined to do a gimmick, plan before hand. Gimmicks are very, hard to pull off, and the more elaborate it gets it becomes exponentially more difficult. You might also have to resort to some faux pas like emptying out the armory or grabbing captain access at the beginning of the round. Sure, it's a dick move, but it gives you a lot more utility to deal with the numerous problems your gimmick will encounter. In general, be opportunistic and B-line to what you need at the very moment, if a situation arises that you can intervene in, get stuck in. It's unfortunate you don't really have ways to build up like Wizard, or get people station side to join your cause like a Necromancer and his apprentice creating a skeleton army. Also, maintenance is your friend. You have thermal goggles, an energy sword, and Security's advantage is numbers. If you're in a tight spot use a choke point to your advantage. Human shields are also the tankiest thing you have, they'll block shots from Security, and even better you can avoid fighting in the first place.
  2. the biggest issue with this is it's probably detrimental for antagonists, especially those without access to an easy disable. flashes are one of the more accessible tools on station, and you have to go to much greater lengths for another device to fill that niche.
  3. Personally, I don't care much for the lore explanation. It can always be handwaved and changed considering the ambiguous nature of Nar'sie. I don't mind IPCs being crippled such as the OP suggested. You can still help the cult without cult spells. It seems doable and would still include them in the cult. It just isn't going to be fun if you completely strip their ability to interact with cult. It will pretty much shoehorn the cult into killing/disabling them. There's a difference imo between adding depth to a species and completely excluding them from a cooperative antag type.
  4. I'm all for it. Expanding and making shells more distinct seems like a fantastic idea. Will they still require suit coolers or some equivalent?
  5. Having antagonist effects on the current round's research would be fantastic. It would not only prolong the research process, give antagonists who are clueless a good objective. The only issue I can see with this kind of system is someone rushing it during deadhour to maximize their research while the pop isn't high enough to have antagonists powerful enough to stick a wrench in the machine.
  6. Okay but why do you want to debilitate the limited xeno fashion even more. You only have white wrappings, black boots, ugly brown boots, and sandals to choose from. fuck xenos this guy gets it
  7. the rigs have already been so power creeped this is ridiculous. I don't see what's the point of this considering how robust rigs are already, you can have your bones broken and still function in rigs.
  8. That will only be a problem on initial release. Afterwards we will be fine. Communication is supposed to be non verbal, we can hold items and point meaning communication is certainly possible especially in trading. Depending on how it works out sign language could be used by certain tribe members.
  9. BYOND Key: Hackie Mhan Staff BYOND Key: Calion12 Game ID: bS5-cDYa Reason for complaint: Unfair Warning. In brief summary, here's what happened. I am playing the Dominian Warden and this is a revolution round and it begins with an announcement involving Humans receiving pay cuts and Tajaran receiving a pay raise. So a clear dichotomy is established and this results in multiple verbal confrontations, in person and on the radio. One of these incidents I would like to highlight involve the player in questions, Leah Siskin. Leah has clearly drawn the lines of being sympathetic to the Tajaran, and the revolutionary Security clearly notices and we begin to build clout with humans onboard. After this, we decide, hey, we've got the guns let's go teach them a lesson. So we form a little mob, and we start traveling down the hall, and look who it is, the Tajaran RD who has been berating humans all round. We go and start messing with him, but he breaks out of our chokehold, and throws a massive bomb. Some of Security is injured to varying degrees, and we have the RD in restraints, excellent. The Emergency Medical Technicians begin to grab the severely injured, and those who are fine move to the bar with the RD in tow. This is where the incident in question begins. Three members of security, including myself, have the RD. We tie a noose, and people begin clamoring around and getting involved. Leah Siskin, the Quartermaster who has no business as a first responder, comes in and tries to provide Medical attention to Security who do not need it. She is flashed, and told to leave. She continues asserting herself into the situation. Now, as we begin to hang the RD Leah drags him away and tells us to stop, and we tell them to screw off. Now, at the time, I wasn't particularly focused on the logs more so on the Officer and bystanders trying to stop us, so according to what Calion said actually the Officer was the one who removed the RD's restraints. Regardless, he escapes, the AI promptly unbolting the door, which both the RD and other bystanders left, and we then break into a firefight afterwards. The Officer moves to corner me in the smoking lounge of the bar, and I hit him with my baton, next Leah comes, hit with my baton. They're both restrained. Then, the Forensic Technician tries stopping us with a knife, hit him with my baton. So, all three of them are restrained, all three of them asserted themselves into the situation, and all three of them assisted the Research Director terrorist. The situation has properly escalated by this point. After this, I drag all the prisoners to the main table at the bar, where we had setup the noose and had each and everyone of them watching. As I begin to say something to Leah, the bartender grabs a shotgun and is sitting behind the counter. At this point I'm trying to finish the action with hanging Leah, and focusing on the bartender. As soon as Leah is hung, the bartender climbs over and tries to shoot me twice, they are hit with a baton, to no surprise. So what has happened after all this mess? There's a little last supper with all the people who tried stopping the lynch mob and saving the RD, with Leah Siskin passed out hanging on a chair. This actually has a purpose, believe it or not. The kind, compassionate, Quartermaster is hung while people inside are forced to watch, and people outside are powerless to do anything because of the bolted doors. In fact, a Vaucra miner actually tried breaking in with a diamond pickaxe. With her death, we're able to intimidate people to join the revolution, and motivate others to oppose it. A deliberate action was taken to make her death more interesting than getting their skull broken open and left for dead. We did not obstruct her body in any way preventing her from being cloned. In addition, she purposefully asserted herself into a situation, even when other Security members told her to leave, and she interfered with the lynch mob. There was even a firefight beforehand. So the claim of over escalation is unfair, and false. Evidence/logs/etc: Additional remarks:
  10. On the wiki at least, Guwan are usually folks who really fucked up. I believe his debt is the result of the services rendered by the orphanage, food, education, clothing, etc.
  11. BYOND Key:Hackie Mhan Character Names:Anthony Radic, Bryce Faust Species you are applying to play:Unathi What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt):Dark Green (0,90,0) Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:Yes Please provide well-articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question Why do you wish to play this specific race:Unathi players have a long heritage of good characters. Jackboot’s work on transforming argonian inserts into the most distinct species on the server is remarkable. In addition, I love Dune and having applied Feudal societies and antiquated belief systems in high sci-fi. They’re also the least-hugbox species, they’re a hierarchical society, and a lot of Unathi players try to play this out with the existence of Guwan and it adds to the stratified cyberpunk world displayed in the lore. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:In the shortest way possible, the Unathi are 600 years out of date in the Aurora world. The journey to modernization on Moghes had resulted in a shock being applied to Unathi society jumpstarting technology far ahead of their cultural development. What followed was nuclear genocide, social upheaval, and environmental annihilation. They’re a crestfallen species, desperately holding onto their traditions in an ever-changing world, lest they lose their identity; susceptible to the machinations of mega-corporations and expansionist empires. Character Name:Duma Kuhwinla Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs On the year of the Great Spirit 2439, hellfire had licked the surface of Moghes spanning to each end of the Moghresian Sea. The conceit of Overlords and Nobility far exceeded their prudence and brought with them annihilation. The scarce few whom survived had fled and made the treacherous journey across the mountain range shielding what remained of civilization. Border cities such as To’ha’dat, Imas’hi, and Baandr had felt the brunt of refugees, squalid camps smothering them as a fountain of desperation. Those who would come for respite would find none, instead looking to the Izweki Stronghold, Skalamar, for refuge. Duma had been born four months before the bombs fell. His past was irrelevant, whether the son of a commoner, or Hegeranzi, his name was now Kuhwinla. He had been lucky to have a roof over his head, most hatchlings orphans would’ve starved, or been dashed against the stones. Though the guild master Ioaza Kuhwinla would be considered Scroogelike from a modern perspective, her frugal and practical approach to raising her wards was necessity of the period. As soon as Duma could walk, he was noticeably smaller than the other wards, maybe a result of malnutrition, or fallout, it did not matter. Duma was aptly taught diligence, humility, and most importantly, obedience. However, as Duma became a teenager delinquency seemed to become an incessant trait, hampering his already shoestring education. His aptitude of displeasing Madame Ioza most assuredly was responsible for inflating his debt, which would quickly put an end to Duma’s schemes. Shouldered with an immense responsibility, little clout at home, Duma Kuhwinla would accept a contract with NanoTrasen as a Cargo Technician, and emigrate to Tau Ceti, wracked with uncertainty of the future. What do you like about this character?Duma is an orphan with scant influence, or an education in a hierarchal society. Out of circumstances beyond his control he has an incredible debt which leaves him with little choice but to reluctantly travel beyond his home. The background really is conducive in allowing me to develop my skills and knowledge of society along with the character, who was isolated from the workings of the Guild and Nobility. How would you rate your role-playing ability?If 5 is average, I’d give myself a 6/10 Notes:THE SKRELL ARE PUTTING CHEMICALS IN THE WATER TO TURN THE FRICKING UNATHI GAY
  12. Security is not at such a dramatic disadvantage as to be entirely vulnerable to whenever an antagonist decides to blow a strong gust of wind in their direction that they collapse. Laser guns, Energy guns, Cargo, Artificial Intelligence, Crisis Cyborgs, support from Medical and Engineering add up to them generally having an advantage over the antagonists if they coordinate. I think the reduction to a flat 50% would universally open up opportunities for both Security and Antagonists. Security would have to be more involved, because they don't have a, 'fuck 'em all' button, and antagonists would have more breathing room to be proactive.
  13. frankly just add to the regulations if it's such a brutal misconduct such a group of people need to face genuine mechanical limitations. we had dealt with the same shit like engineering taj just casually walking around with double d tits and jumpsuit rolled down by spanking them in a not-good way. on the other hand, every time i see a fucking lesbian qt 3.14 shell officer with dyed hair and skirt i am driven closer to suicide so i understand why.
  14. alright you soy boy, let me give you a run-down. When you play antagonist the first thing you should do is mute LOOC, and OOC. Secondly, operate with the tempo of the round, this is both beneficial for roleplay, and gameplay. You have two hours, generally during this arc you need to start off slow, be subtle. No-one cares how much of an interesting way you killed them, just get it done. Instead, what really matters is foreplay. Talk with someone, develop a relationship and talk with them in-game. Be an interesting person and contribute, be friendly. Maybe, bring up the topic of a piano, and walk with them to the theater with a bright light. It doesn't matter, as soon as they've invested some trust they've already died. Now, grab them mid-conversation, have grab intent towards the mouth, you want to silence them. By this point, you should have a flash to be prepared, you need them to stay down. Once you've got a strong grab on them, just let them know what they did wrong, and their life is forfeit, and get that sweet succ. People will always be upset that they died, you can't change that, and sometimes not everyone gets a fantastical death in the narrative. People on this server aren't that robust, either. You can take some liberties that you normally couldn't, leave your body where you found it, hell if you want to be a super special guy, tear off it's limbs and leave it in the open. The roleplay that comes from Changeling isn't the kill, it's what happens as a result of the kill.
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