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[Denied] Nasir's Rankov Insulated Gloves (Modkit)


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BYOND Key: Jamini

Character name: Nasir Khayyam

Item name: Rankov Insulated Gloves (Modkit)

Why is your character carrying said item to work? Nasir is a long-time engineer and owner/chief maintainer of his own ship. The gloves have been modified to include a watch gifted to him by a friend (Rukia), and bear the name of his ship on the back.

Item function(s): Tajaran Insulated Gloves (Modkit). The gloves would have the watch check_time and point_at functions as well.

Item description: A pair of insulated gloves fit for a Tajaran. 'IOV Rankov' is printed across the back. A watch has been fitted into the wrist of the right glove.

Item appearance: A set of yellow gloves with a band around it.




Additional comments:

I would prefer to spawn with this as a modkit, rather than the item itself. Insulated gloves have a rather large advantage, so spawning with them is not a good thing. Plus I would like to be able to convert gloves even when not playing an engineer when if I gain access to them.

I will happily code any mechanical bits myself. Assuming it's approved.

Also, I would like these to not be convertible into stungloves.

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Guest Menown

Or, add the ability to clip the watch to gloves.

I can probably see about working something like that in (MAYBE. I QUIT CODING, SO PROBABLY NOT.)

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