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Creatable Weapons.


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So far we got cable ties and stun gloves, but who's to say we can't add in more weapons that you, yes you, the common man can't make? Now, of course these are all illegal contraband but who cares considering the fact you're probably wanted for murdering heads, black magic, other contraband, etc.

Spear: does 10 brute damage, can cause bleeding and does the same amount of damage if thrown. Requires a metal rod, cable restaints, and shard of glass. To craft use the rod on cable restraints, use shard of glass on wired rod.

Stunprod: Uses more battery life than a stun baton, stuns for 5 seconds. If you run out of power, you could use a screwdriver to remove the cell, and then charge the battery or insert an new one. Requires a metal rod, cable cutters, cable restraints, and a battery. To craft, use the rod on cable restraints, wire cutter on the wired rod, and then add in a power cell.

Baseball Bat Simple weapon, does damage depending on material used. Metal does 10 brute damage, plasteel does 20, wood does 5. To create all you need to do is click on a stack of metal, plasteel, or wood planks in your hand and select the option to build a baseball bat for 5 sheets of the material.

Molotov Cocktail: Dangerous weapon, not recommended for use. Does burn damage and spreads fire when thrown, has a 1 by 1 tile radius and can be blocked by a shield. Requires a lighter(Zippo, not cheap lighter), empty bottle, sheet of paper, and welding fuel. Fill the bottle with welding fuel, add in the sheet, light and throw. Once you lit the molotov, you have 5 seconds before it explodes and when you light it, there's a 25% chance of it exploding in your hand.

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