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Vira De Santos - White Tac Gloves

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BYOND Key: oneonethreeeight

Character name: Vira De Santos

Item name: White Tactical Gloves

Why is your character carrying said item to work?: The gloves serve as a reminder to Vira of her background and where she came from. They're a symbol of pride of service during her two 4-year long tours in the Epsilon Eridani Navy as a special operations coordinator. Shortly after she was honorably discharged, she was authorized to be released with the tactical gloves that had been part of her standard gear for operations.

Item function(s): They're just resprited tac gloves with zero bonuses. They have no resistances, the description is intentionally misleading.

Item description: These are white cotton-lycra knit fabric tactical gloves, with sure-grip technology featuring minor cut and heat resistance. A small patch on the left glove is stitched in, on the back of the wrists.

Item appearance: boop, with a small green-gold patch on the wrists.

Additional comments: glamcamchamp can do everything again? yes, yes?

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