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[Accepted] New Magnitka (Flesh Out)

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Hey guys, Medium time player here.

Just wondering if you could let me write the story behind New Magnitka, and maybe flesh out the story a lot more. My character is from there, and although I've found a small bit of information about the planet, there's no real source. It seems to be glossed over in nearly every lore source, so I was wondering if I could flesh out Aurora's story for it.

It's been agreed that it was a mining colony on the edge of the Inner Colonies. It is also fairly commonly agreed that there was a series of heavy combat filled riots and rebellions by the workers, which was in turn crushed by NT.

I'll write the bare essentials down here and whoever decides what can have a look at it.

Thanks guys!!

Type (e.g. Planet, Faction, System): Planet

Founding/Settlement Date (if applicable): 2411

Region of Space: Inner Colonies

Controlled by (if not a faction): Nano-Trasen/ Private Mining Corp

Other Snapshot information: Mining Colony planet, specializing in rarer minerals.

Long Description:

After the discovery of New Magnitka in the Long Voyage of exploration in the late 2300s, terraforming began as soon as the discovery of precious gems and stones, and many raw materials were found following an environmental scan. The mining corporation was installed and up and running within 3 years.

Under the CEO Marcus Friedman and a joint sponsorship of NT and several smaller security firms, the workers who signed up for mining work contracts were placed under near slavery conditions. For twenty years the conditions deteriorated under Friedman's rule, who not only displayed prejudice against non-human races, but also to the poor and working class people, often making examples of his guards and staff who fell under that range. After these tensions rose to a near critical mass, a decision was made to turn the security force into a near military grade police force, and track down and criminal activity. This in turn was followed by the decision to create a prison in one of the mined out quarries.

This prison grew to a gargantuan size, "Swollen like a wound with the infection of Beggars" were Friedman's own words. When word got out that the planet was essentially turning into a labour camp, efforts were made to cover up the entire thing. This led to no outside support for the miners and the wrongfully imprisoned. New Magnitka was soon looked at as an official labour camp planet, with many of the original workers, working alongside real criminals.

These complications led to a high increase in violent activities with both the NT security forces and the prisoner's/ miners on the surface. Eventually Friedman declared martial law, which forced curfew, and essentially treated every member of the "workforce" as a prisoner. Eventually the mixture of prisoners and workers mixed to a very gang like force, which spoke through violence, and this turned things truly nasty. These forces combined and eventually, following a ambush, which descended into a full scale skirmish, a full state of emergency was declared after three days of continuous revolt.

The first year of the riots was filled with guerilla warfare, with the insurgents trying to gain ground and take supplies. After the second year the riots escalated into a full scale war. Nano-Trasen took a more viscious approach when Friedman called in a full PMC platoon, which drove a spearhead to the heart of the rebels.

This approach along with the collaboration of certain original workers led to the eventual destruction of the terrorist cells that had developed from the original rebellion. The planet now lies as a desolate last resort for work for any miners out there.

No it's not Red Faction.

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There is lore for New Magnitka, but many have just forgotten about it, a lot of my characters are from there. I like your take on it, but after the events of your story New Magnitka needs to rise because up until the very recent rebellion on New Magnitka they had a very real military force. However now they're a member of the Sol Alliance.

If you're willing to accept that New Magnitka rises again after your events it should be rather easy for me to accept this.

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