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[Expired] unban request

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BYOND Key: thedude2000

Total Ban Length: 5 days

Banning staff Key: wittme91

Reason of Ban: Reinstalling ban that was removed for I just wnknown reason

Reason for Appeal: I was never told I got banned and the bans I got before this one have been served I didnt even get a warning or nothing i thought my computer was lagging then it says I got banned and the only reason I can think of why I was banned was because in the game I drifted in space for a long time found a ruined station launched my self

Out of a mass driver hit the station and partialy drill through the eall to get in I then got messaged about theni responsed what i just wrote and my computer crashes so I think he proably won't ban me so I go to sleep next day not banned 2 hoirs into a play session game lags and says you have been banned

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Posting to add some insight.

You were banned for a week for trying to drill into escape.

There's windows all around escape. There's no place whatsoever from the outside of escape where you cannot see into it, and thus you were clearly aware of where you were drilling into. I simply do not understand why you would not use the airlocks which are readily available a few feet away, or why you were drilling into the station at all.

I'm not sure of the circumstances which led to you being banned later and not immediately after the fact, and I apologize for that (because retroactive bans suck). but unless you can find a way to clearly explain how the train of thought of drilling into escape was a valid one (which I doubt is something that can be justified, both ICly and OOCly), this ban is here to stay nevertheless.

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