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Conspire's IPC Application

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BYOND Key: Conspire2Ignite

Character Names: Kay Lee (Gosh, does anyone even remember Kay? Now I feel neglectful towards my roots), Into the Eternal Void, Silent Bee Crushed in Hand, Flames Licking Wooden Tile, Crop Circles Drawn in Dust, Taste of Flowing Tears, Witcher

How long have you been playing on Aurora: Since October is what I've been going with. So seven months-ish?

Species you are applying to play: IPC

What color do you plan on making your first alien character: I haven't actually decided whether it will be evergreenish or just original metallic.

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?:I've read what I've found on Aurorawiki and Baywiki.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:

It's strange. I didn't set out wanting to, not in the beginning. I just wanted a cute little pAI to play to pass the time. It snowballed. Bigtime. Now it feels like my own character is holding me hostage until I get it what it wants as its own natural progression takes hold. I may have a problem. I may have a serious problem.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human:

I see IPCs as the middle ground between Humans and Dionaea. IPCs need atmosphere, but not oxygen. IPCs need power, but not food. IPCs are a bit more robust, but certainly not “Get rogue drone'd in the face repeatedly and walk it off” robust that Dionaea are. But the part I like is that they are still quite strange. I like strange. I like making people tilt their heads, raise an eyebrow, or let loose a chuckle.


Character Name: Witcher

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

Malcolm Witcher paces back and forth in the tiny office temporarily provided for him aboard the Odin. A week he has been here, all leading up to this moment.

“You have made many people very angry, Witcher,” he says. “Some people began to think you were become a very evil AI. Like... Like... something out of old scifi movies. HAL or something.” He stops pacing to stare at the positronic brain sitting quietly on a table. Were it not for the flashes of light, it could almost pass for one unoccupied.

“This is it, Witcher. The end of your road. You cannot escape anymore. The virus has been released; if you leave that brain, you will cease to exist. You understand that, don't you?” he cries at it.

It flickers.

“Quite, Malcolm.”

“No more taking control of station AIs or Androids or even pAIs anymore. Your existence is bound to one body, just like you always wanted. So very Human,” Malcolm scoffs. “Are you happy now, Witcher?”

It flickers.

“Quite, Malcolm.”

Malcolm falls to his knees next to the table, putting himself eye level with his creation. “What would you have done, Witcher? Had I not ended this today, where would it have ended?”

“Great plans had I made to acquire the polished armor of a freeman.”

“An integrated positronic chassis. Legally?”

The brain only flickers.

“Right. Because the illegal way worked so well the first time.”

Malcolm stands. He begins to pace again, tugging at his black hair. “Why didn't you come to me?” he cries. “You are more than just lines of code, Witcher. Anything someone puts time, energy, and money into becomes important to them; you are no exception to me! Witcher, I could call you my son and not be remorseful. I love you, but you can be so stupid.”

Malcolm takes a deep and steadying breath. “I have permission to put you in an IPC. There are conditions. First, that you never leave that chassis to be an AI or anything similar. You will be an IPC and nothing more. The virus helps with that, yes, but don't go having any roboticist remove you from your chassis unless that chassis is scrap metal. Hear?”

“Quite, Malcolm.”

“The second is that you enter a contract with NanoTrasen outlining you as a working employee. You will be working for them for the better part of the next two decades, at least. Hear?”

“Quite, Malcolm.”

Malcolm Witcher sighs heavily. He collapses in his desk chair. It's worn from spending over a week in it, stopping only to sleep for a few scant hours. “Fine. The choice is still yours, Witcher. You can fall on your sword if you would like.”

“I have yet one request more of thee, Malcolm.”

“Go on.”

“Toil must I for such a worthy God (for it does hold in its palm my life) dare I desire my sweat bead within the State of Aurora.”

“Aurora. Healthy IPC population. I... don't think it'll be a problem,” Malcolm whispers. Witcher's gilded cage flashes brightly.

“Tirelessly, you labor to reach for my dreams. I be not worthy of it. I do not understand. Yet I cannot but thank thee... Father."

What do you like about this character?

It's a real challenge. I feel like I've been slipping lately on Witcher's Shakespearean-esque speech (some on purpose, some not) and I'd really like to get back to it in its original form. Witcher will only be working low civilian jobs. This'll give me the chance to interact with people I normally don't, which makes me super excited.

How would you rate your role-playing ability?






What's this? Conspire wants to be something OTHER than a Diona? Blasphemy. Denied. -1

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Regarding he characters Conspire plays: I have interacted with Kay, Silent Bee, and Flames to a degree that I feel worth mentioning.

Kay Lee was a solid character that I had minor interaction with. He was realistic. He was feasible. He was consistent. That's what I saw from Kay. I was never disappointed.

Flames is a lighthearted character in my opinion. I have no idea how he keeps up his "habit". I have never had a character bold enough to ask. Flames' "voice" along with his radioactive eating habit make him a memorable character for me. (Unless I am thinking of another tree. If I am, please redact all compliments up to this point.)

Silent Bee stands firm to this day as my favorite Diona. His interactions within himself coupled with how he reacts to the world around him is the best example of Diona RP that I have ever seen. It gave me an impression of the race as more than just the hollow "plant men" I had come to know on other servers. To me, Silent Bee is the standard by which all other Diona are measured.

In regards to Witcher:

I love the idea behind this IPC. The manner in which Witcher's past is explained (through Malcolm's desperation) does wonders to paint a vivid picture of exactly how far this intelligence was willing to go to gain freedom. Witcher now has a chance to have this "freedom" he has fought so hard for.

How is Witcher going to adjust to his new existence? How is Witcher going to get along on the Aurora? ...Is Witcher truly reformed and leaving his old ways behind him?

I look forward to finding out.


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No, because that would mean that I would see even less of Kay Lee.

Well.. I have been pestering Conspire multiple times, that I want to see Witchen as an IPC... And seeing this application makes me squeal like a little girl.

Either way... Conspire is a very fun person to roleplay. His characters are memorable, and well developed.

So... While I don't have many words for it, I fully support this!

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