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Incident Report APR/7/2457 - Centurion

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Reporting Personnel: PBU-211

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Spider-bot

Personnel Involved: Security Officers Jade Rathel and Centurion

Time of Incident: ~15:00

Location of Incident: Fore Hallway leading to Brig

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury [x]Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [x]Harassment [x]Assault []Misconduct []Other _____

Overview of the Incident: Due to a previous workplace accident, I was placed within a spiderbot chasis, I began to walk the station, and in time, came upon the brig. As I was leaving the brig, following an officer so that I may pass through doors unimpeded, I heard her (Jade Rathel) say over her radio headset that she planned to throw me against a wall. I of course questioned her, and as she made increasingly hostile movements, zapped her with a low voltage prod, and attempted to escape. She blocked me and the entire hallway off with two sets of security tape, and proceeded to taunt me. Soon, Centurion came, and assisted in the taunting, eventually pulling out a stun baton and threatening to bludgeon me with it, presumably to death. I, lacking any hope of egress or fair justice, attempted to wrest the stun baton from his hand, with little hope of succeeding owing to my tiny metal fingers, wherein he proceeded to beat me to complete paralysis, destroying completely my spiderbot chasis, which quantified both as a destruction of my property, and severe assault.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: None were present.

Additional notes: Centurion in short displayed either excessive cruelty and inconsideration, presumably believing me to be worthless as a spiderbot, and thus deprived me of my rights as a crewmember, or is excessively itchy on the trigger, and resorted to beating me to utter paralysis in response to an action that wouldn't have been threatening to a fly. Perhaps a combination of both.

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