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Riddick Series


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Alright, so guess what. Because some unknown person mentioned the Riddick games, I've gone through some flashbacks and made a thread, about Riddick.

These games and movies are sick af.

Personally, imo, in movies it's:

1. Riddick (third movie)

2. Pitch Black (second movie)

3. Chronicles of Riddick?.. (I don't know, second movie. Had necromongers or whatever.)

In games... well there's only two? No?

It's escape from Athena mchema and Butcher bay, personally I like escape from Butcher Bay.

I believe there's comics, but I haven't read them.

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Riddick - the original self-insert

I haven't played the games, but yeah, Pitch Black came out first but is between the third one and the second one chronically.

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