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Review Request-Mobius

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Reporting Personnel: Zuleika-Varushka Xrimqil-loix
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Executive Officer

Personnel in Question: Mobius
Job Title of Personnel in Question: Psychiatrist

Reason for Review:
[ ] - Extended Arrest History
[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record
[X] - Other: Animal abuse - Mobius is housing a cat in their dormitory room, which I believe is way too small for a cat.

Cats require lots of living space and facilities, to keep them safe, comfortable, and healthy. This includes at least two litter trays (for a single cat) in separate rooms, which a dormitory room cannot provide, as well as toys to keep the cat mentally stimulated, scratching posts (or pads, or other products) to sharpen its claws, enough free space (or an automatic treadmill) for running and playing, and many other requirements.

I have a corporate-level apartment (corapt), which I believe has enough space for a cat. I may volunteer to take the cat in, until a proper home/shelter is found for it, in the nearest friendly port.

((OOC: Asked Ping/Lanze, said this might be the place for this.))

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TO: uleika-Varushka Xrimqil-loix, Executive Officer, SCCV Horizon


SUBJECT: Request Declined



The low-priority queue is currently full. The request has been automatically declined.

If there are any questions or concerns, please reach out to your liaison or CCIA representative.

Thank you for your time in being diligent.


DTG: 03-13:41-TAU CETI STANDARD-08-2464


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