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  1. I'm not really playing the game to much anymore, but I do have something to add. One, it's kinda bad/dickish to hop departments like this (bartender-captain, for example). There could be a player who specifically created a bartender character to mix drinks and talk with people about their problems, like a true professional. *Or* a player with his captain who is allegedly a bartending hobbyist, and really just wants to goof around with his meta-buddies. Two, the pay gap is an issue. It's not like captains are 20 year olds so live in their parent's basement. They have big apartments and all kinds of shit to pay - employing themselves in an extremely low paying job won't pay the bills. Also, if a captain sees that his job on NSS Aurora is taken, he gets assigned to NSS Whatever or NSS Autilus. There are lots of other stations that NanoTrasen operates, and characters commute from Biesel or CC or wherever anyway. Working with the same people on Aurora is not an argument, as characters change every shift.
  2. 1. You were probably waiting 30 mins for mining to mine and process the materials. Usual cargo orders should be fast, unless it's low-population dead-hour, where everything is kinda slow. 2. You don't need to order firing pins from cargo. There would be firing pins in the firing range. You could use them to test your guns in the firing range. 2,5. And even if you need to order them from cargo, it's just 5 minutes before the cargo tech mails it to your lab. 3. That may be a surprise to you, but you aren't actually inventing new things every round. You can't print a firing pin because the NanoTrasen and/or GameBalance doesn't allow you. Lame, huh? 4. And again, the "fun" part is already accessible. Just use the firing pins found in the firing range. (Also, I don't get what's so fun about firing your guns at a monkey or a metal wall. And I don't even see any scientists actually testing these guns anyway.) I'd love it if people stopped focusing on the 'antagging scientists' part so much. It doesn't even really affect scientists that much. They can still test their guns in the firing range, antags get sweet as firing pins from the uplink, security has their guns like usual. It's not the end of the world, people. Firing pins is just another interesting mechanic to add to the game. It allows many new things like stealing firing pins from armoury's guns as a ninja, and hoping the officers don't notice it and make them look like dummies when they try to fire at you. Or a gun that only an antag can use, that explodes when someone else tries it. Or simply ERT-only guns, so the janitor or nuke op can't use it against ERT. Generally personal guns, a paranoid Captain could have his e-gun locked to his ID or DNA. How about sabotaged firing pins that explode your gun after three shots? How fun would finding an unlocked firing pin in maintenance be? Would you carry a gun without a firing pin in your backpack? "But officer, this gun doesn't have a firing pin, it's really just a piece of metal and not a gun in its current state. It could also change a guns "value". Basically, you have as many guns as you have unlocked firing pins. In the time of need, a scientist can't print an armoury's worth of guns and just hand them out to everyone like it's christmas. Now, this scientist has only 8 unlocked firing pins. Does he make the officers wait 5 minutes while he raises research levels to get laser cannons? If he does, will he give all 4 officers cannons? What if they can't wait, does the scientist print them sub-par guns now? What about other 4 pins, will he print smaller guns so the officers have backups? Or does he forget about security and just prints cannons for his science-buddies for self-defence? What if the scientist doesn't have too much resources? Will he print 8 good guns? Or 16 small guns? If the 8 guns with firing pins run out of juice, he could just remove the firing pins and install them in the other guns. I believe, this is why firing pins could be an interesting mechanic, it adds depth or something.
  3. Character handicaps? More like, character complete retardations haha Character handicaps make no sense without a skill-point system. Even if you choose a few handicaps, they barely change the game at all (ex. why would an engineer make chems or do surgery, anyway?) or make your character look like a complete dumbass. No sense to waste your time with this, huh.
  4. That would be nice. A bit restrictive, but actually brings more roleplay. Whether your cargo buddy orders you some firing pins, a warden lends you one for a bit, RD gives you a box, or even if you metagame some from maintenance, you can still cause some trouble. It removes the problem of scientists who stuff their backpacks with an armoury worth amount of ready-to-robust guns, unless they want to do some quick reassembly while they're under fire. It may also discourage some scientists from spending their entire shifts in the RnD lab.
  5. I've wrote about something similar before. The whole emotes thing could be extended to everything, they could also be randomized from a pool of little flavor texts so don't quickly become boring, or even procedurally generated. Like chemistry: "NAME mixes x with y", "NAME dilutes a solution of x with a moderately sized y sample" or "NAME user extracts x from the test tube".
  6. "I guess there should probably be a cooldown between using it, so it doesn't just become some kind of shitty meme."~Kaed If the shitters are going to abuse it, it's only good for everyone. It's better to catch the greytider while he's abusing vomiting than after he abused 5 welder fuel tanks.
  7. Game balance. /thread
  8. What about job-downgrading? Can a paramedic character clone people, if he usually works as a CMO/whatever? What about older MD's who usually work as surgeons, can they do surgery? What about chemistry? Are chemists just medical doctors who took some chemistry classes on how to make tricord and also know the usual medical stuff? Or are they scientists who specialize in chemistry and know complex medicines? Chemistry in-character shouldn't really be dumb pushing buttons (just like research shouldn't). Anyway, these "Do's and Don'ts" seem pretty unnecessary to me, since people were always free to, and did hop around jobs. Like officer-warden-detectives, surgeon-doctors, engineer-enginetech-atmostechs, QM-miners. So unless we entirely ban this job-hopping, nothing will really change. Remember Azande's literally-hitler-like restrictive suggestion? What about other departments, why are not they given restrictions like these? But those are just my observations.
  9. Well, AI is lawed and really has no reason to lie about an anti-NT crime. It should also record everything it sees so it can be reviewed post-shift, so I don't really see a reason not to believe an AI.
  10. Dreamix

    Remove Assistants

    And removing assistants/visitors will just lead to the troublemakers joining as security or engineering. Assistant-like job needs to exist. It's a buffer job, the griefers, newbies, noobs, troublemakers all go there. Also, adding even more jobs (entry-level jobs, departmental assistants) will just mean that more people will do less. Departments would be even more crowded during high pop, while dead hours would have more people who do nothing.
  11. Wait until the meta research project is finished, and then you'll have lawgivers 5 minutes into the round. But, yeah. Nothing in research is particularly hard. It's always been a contest of who can powergame the tech tree and get to the fun part faster. Especially now when mining is played by so many people.
  12. I'd be fine with this, but only if I can be the doggie. Or you could add a new playable one-slot semi-sentient race of dog-aliens who can help detectives and CSI's with crime. And then I'm the doggie.
  13. Except that heads of staff are kinda crucial to the progression of the round, especially the CMO. They are expected to know every department at least on moderate level (and one on expert). Wouldn't be fun for everyone to die because the CMO didn't know to cure space aids, or how to clone. Also, to add to my original idea, this would also open up some great rp possibilities. Not everyone is a chemist irl (I'm not) , so they wouldn't know about dilution and whatever you do with chems. But now the less creative and knowledgeable people could mimic these flavor texts and use them in their rp.
  14. But why does this happen? For example, with the job that is chemistry? Because it looks like it's only a push of a button. Tap the oxygen button, swipe for hydrogen, and your whatever drug is ready. Same with genetics, even science, pretty much everything. This leaves the impression of jobs being extremely easy. "You're telling me you studied 5 years just to push these 5 buttons every shift?" or "friendly chemist told me how to make this coincidentally useful drug, look push this and this button..." Solution? Add flavor text to all machines and consoles. Now, it's not just a push of a button. It's "x mixes y with z" or "a dilutes a solution of b with a moderately sized c sample" or "h user extracts i from the test tube". You know, this kind of flavor texts. Quick edit: Or whatever.
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