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Review Request - Wex Davengatt

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Reporting Personnel: Oliver Roadman
Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Captain
Personnel in Question: Wex Davengatt
Job Title of Personnel in Question: Engineer
Reason for Review:
[ ] - Extended Arrest History
[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record
[X] - Other: Repeated Drunkenness on shift resulting in a potential incident with Elyran ambassador
This has been the second episode of drunkenness that I've witnessed and they've been charged for in as many days. This individual is clearly in need of major assistance that the transient crew of the Horizon cannot provide. In addition during the latest bout of drunkenness they targeted the visiting Elyran ambassador causing further complications in an already complicated situation. For this alone I would think additional actions beyond on-shift charges would be necessary.

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TO: Oliver Roadman, Captain, SCCV Horizon
SUBJECT: RE: Review Request - Wex Davengatt

Upon request, the internal review board has conducted a full review of the individual in question. In review, the board has identified one or more problems in regards to the records and/or infractions on file for the individual. 

The findings and concerns of the board have been forwarded to internal affairs, which will be effecting the necessary corrective and/or executive actions. 

Thank you for your diligence.
DTG: 08-07:01-TAU CETI STANDARD-09-2464


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