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  1. To be frank this is just your side of the round's experience and does not paint remotely the same picture of what myself and Ryder had to deal with. Yes, it may have been engaging for you as someone not directly in the line of fire of their antag play, but considering that both myself and Ryder's character were in immediate and inescapable danger within minutes of joining the round while you were permitted to avoid it by staying away one pleasant experience doesn't negate two negative ones. I had been in round for less than ten minutes before I was held hostage in my office with little to no pretext besides "I'm sorry Valera told me to" and spent the majority of the round unable to properly or satisfyingly interact with crew because I was vampirized with little escalation, and unable to remain out of frenzy for more than five minutes at a time. When it came to me formulating some means to assist the crew in resisting Valera she immediately returned to my office (wearing full heavy armor, mind you) after having previously stripped me of most of my equipment, including my ID, and proceeded to blast me repeatedly with a laser rifle until I was near death when I was only equipped with a telebaton. At no point did I feel she was concerned with promoting roleplay besides only to thinly justify their gimmick, as I was on the receiving end of their malice for most of the round. None of the aggression felt reasonable, especially after I had reasoned to first discuss the matter openly with staff instead of moving to directly arrested Valera. While I'm glad that some crew had a pleasant experience it doesn't change the fact that some of their heavy-handed choices soiled the round for several others, and posting a positive testimony just feels like an attempt at discrediting our experience.
  2. Reporting Personnel: Nikita Yutani Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Roboticist Game ID: cdp-dFLL Personnel Involved: - Elim Castel, Captain, Offender - Naledi Yutani, Atmospheric Technician, Victim - Nikita Yutani, Roboticist, Witness Secondary Witnesses: - Vuugix Quiin, Scientist - Xdurui Omq, Scientist Time of Incident: ~00:55 Standard Galactic Time Real Time: ~9:30PM EST Location of Incident: Robotics, Atmospherics, Departures Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [X] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [X] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: Shortly after arriving to the NSS Aurora late to the shift I was notified via comms by Vuugix Quiin that "The station gave some terrorists phoron to possibly go blow up an embassy". Clearly in shock of their frankness regarding the situation I asked for clarification to which Vuugix explained that a number of armed gunmen boarded, took a hostage and demanded phoron in exchange for the hostage. At some point the phoron was exchanged for the hostage, and the gunmen left. My wife Naledi Yutani messaged me via PDA to link up with me outside of my lab where I met her and Roboticist Camille Lyons. After a brief exchange I began to speak to my wife when I overheard on comms from Research Director Ionia that 'borgification' was being considered for any mutineers that provided phoron to the gunmen, and a voice that I did not recognize seconded that sentiment. Both me and Quiin considered it outrageous, and after notifying Naledi about what had been said she voiced serious concern about being help accountable despite not having provided the phoron. In her own words, she still had full phoron tanks in atmospherics that had not been touched since the gunmen arrived and left, and I recommended to her that she take photos of the tanks so that she had physical evidence that she did not hand the phoron over. She remarked that the CE had wanted her to hide the tanks and had prepared a voidsuit to sequester them to the asteroid, but after some time had passed with confusion regarding the circumstances of the gunmen's demands they got what they wanted and left. After the photos were taken we left for Red Dock when we encountered the Captain, wearing the Captain's voidsuit, to which he remarked "I see security's failure is absolute", with no explanation as to what he meant. After some prodding he responded with "I am aware of your actions", insinuating that Naledi had provided phoron to the terrorists, to which she promptly provided photos to him that he very readily ignored. We continued to harangue him for his clear and deliberate apathy regarding potentially having my wife thrown in jail when he responded with "That'll be for the CCIA to decide". During discussion on the shuttle back to the Odin Vuugix Quiin mentioned that Cargo had likely done it, and the unidentified voice from earlier, Xdurui Omq, remarked that Cargo had confirmed themselves that they had done it. This remark was further reinforced by the other Roboticist, Camille Lyons. It is obvious from my point of view that Captain Castel was wholly unaware of the details regarding the situation that unfolded on board, and attempted to throw my wife under the bus for something that she didn't do - likely to save his own skin from being shredded by his superiors. It is dangerous and absolutely unacceptable. Submitted Evidence: Photo of cans in Atmospherics. Photo of cans in Tool Storage, in Engineering. Would you like to be personally interviewed?: [X] - Yes [ ] - No Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: We attempted to speak to the Captain regarding the matter but he was dismissive and rude. Actions taken: Took photographic evidence of the presence of the cans post-departure of the gunmen, wrote this IR on behalf of my wife, who is now terrified that she may not only lose her job but be imprisoned for the Captain's apathy and incompetence. Additional Notes:
  3. Despite having very recently joined the community Ryder has been a blast to RP with and talk to OOC. Judging from my brief interactions with them alone I feel that they would be both creative with their IPC characters and a direct benefit to the face of the species as a whole. They definitely earn a +1 from me.
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