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Incident Report (Special) 18/09/2464

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Reporting Personnel: SCC Central Command
Game ID: cjY-c20I

Personnel Involved:

  • Alemnu Markos, Captain
  • Ahkam Al-Nasrallah, Off-Duty Crew Member 
  • Sezrak Han'san, Research Director
  • Edythe Knight, Head of Security
  • Zuleika-Varushka Xrimqil-loix, Executive Officer
  • Michael Greenberg, Chief Engineer 
  • jeriko, Operations Manager
  • Andrea Illaszo, Chief Medical Officer
  • Oliver Cooper, Security Officer 
  • Rize Noack, Security Officer 
  • Rakka Kuhwinla, Security Officer 
  • Ta'Akaix'Nangaren C'thur, Consular
  • Nguyen Mai, Corporate Representative
  • Rrhuyala Rrhakaslav'Karimi, Warden 
  • Yasmin Velenzuela, Investigator
  • Maltida Ryan, Investigator
  • Dennis Linton, Shaft Miner 
  • D'jar Sa'Kuate, Off-Duty 
  • Kane Arata, Bridge Crew

The list is preliminary based on received reports. This list may grow as more information becomes available. All personnel involved are expected to be contacted by Internal Affairs or Human Resources shortly.

Ship Time: 21:00 18/09/2464
Location of Incident: SCCV Horizon

Nature of Incident:

Overview of the Incident:

A large-scale munity has been reported aboard the SCCV Horizon during a confrontation with FSF and Elyran forces in Valley Hale through faxes sent to Central Command and after-action reports. A high-priority investigation has been launched into the incident, and on-board HR have been informed.

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