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  1. I was tagged so ill give my honest opinion. Understand it is merely of those two rounds Shodan. My char and yours get along wonderfully 99% of the time and an off round doesnt change that Tbh though, I have to admit your char seemed very intent on ignoring others information and feedback, which is okay obviously from an IC standpoint. But it was very confusing to Eric why youd support him when he was saying psychiatrists werent real doctors -in front of one- yet then turned around to tell my char shed never seen him act like that. It became -not- okay when you began dogging Eric trying to get the processing over with in front of Gonzales. Which is why Bayer essentially said step off to Hawkins. As Eric said in round as you kept hanging around Gonzales it appeared from an odd man out you were trying to drive a wedge between the team. Though your comment about Eric was understandable. I should have clarified that was sarcasm ICly about taking my baton to him. Simply, Eric is tired of watching Gonzales get away with acting like a prick. Hed have arrested him the prior round for battery as well had the HoS not waylaid it because the shuttle was there. That being said, above was and remained an IC issue. Thats the joy of RP and conflicting personalities! It created tension! Below is where that changed. But this is my opinion and I am but a flat brained stunbaton user so take it with a grain of salt: Tbqh the captains meeting was over the line imho. Using a previous round to snipe another char the next round seemed a bit absurd. If you char wants to meet civilly find a middle ground. You may have intended for it to be simply a place where talks could have facilitated, but it very much looked like you were trying to job snipe. I understand this wasn't your intention but you must also be able to see where others glancing at it could say the same. Try and think of it objectively and remove the context. If you and I were in the work place and you were going to my bosses boss, after starting the round with hostility then had me called into said bosses office how would it look? Very poorly. To touch on the Resi's point about the Cap and Sophie wanting to chat, I have to disagree. It was a previous round and a new day. Not all the witnesses were present and any touching on it would have simply been word of mouth and circumstantial. If there was to be talkings too or reprimands to be had that should have been left to an IA agent no? It was extendo after all. Especially as it risks setting the player up for a very poor position (like it did when the raiders showed up) and quite frankly isnt fair to the player. You could say well icly you cant always expect when things will hit you but oocly we understand mechanics and balancing are set for a reason. That meeting quite literally fucked Dyslioth sideways. I dont blame her for cryoing. As I said though, that is simply my opinion as I was tagged, take it as such, dont feel the need to respond or waste a bunch of time on counter pointing me ^^ as I fully understand and support you having a diff take on it all. Regardless! Off rounds happen where we make poor decisions. Trust me I have loads of them. Still love you all
  2. Tbh i like the new chatbubble. Helps me track typing vs posting in tense situations. Idwt see it go.
  3. I dont see what Garn did wrong here. You assumed Sec's job as an engineer to take an antags item by force. (Which honestly was a poor decision. Your char has a history of swinging his ipc hp pool around and snobbing at security, but you have to understand you put yourself at risk and besides you are usually only aware of 1/3rd thats going on without sec comms) So the antag defended themself. Theyre not obligated to stop and wait for you to rp. I always attempt rp first. Not everyone does. He cant know which you are. Then you re-antagonized the antag and he acted on it. He was even going to heal you which hes not obligated to do. Dying is frustrating. We get emotional and miss our mistakes. I struggle with this too sometimes. I get it. But try and see their point as well.
  4. He actually sparked the initial confrontation when he tried to spike my char to a wall with a crossbow immediately after the fake broadcast. He missed and i commed it out to sec
  5. I mean. She's my fav FT lol. Efficient and stays in her lane. Only feed back I could give is don't be afraid to open up with her more as your char can be pretty reserved in more involved scenarios. Solid character ^^
  6. You know, I'm glad this is posted. To be honest I did a bad today dumping a borg after letting a previous round influence my decision effect my decision on how to deal with a borg. More awareness should be brought to this.
  7. Literally one of my favorite people here. Cnaym's roster and RP has always been top tier imho, definitely higher than they rated. Chars are incredibly diverse and always offer a unique spin on a round. Has been shown more then able to take command and guide situations and crisis. I wish you the best of luck Cnaym!!! +1
  8. One of my fav RP'rs here. Always engaged and interactive. Very fun! Character seems fun! +1 easily from me.
  9. Yeah cant really give enough praise to Goret's rp or chars. Easy +1 for me. I like the char concept. Good luck!
  10. Will it lock them out of the assistant role, for when say, 3/4ths of security is dead and you offer your services?
  11. A far superior RP'r in comparison to myself, her chars are among some of my absolute favorite and so diverse. I always love to see them on the server. The char concept is one i find personally very interesting. Id love to see you add another character to the roster!! +1
  12. Being on the recieving end of Sim all the time, they're not powergamey at all nor do they rage quit in defeat, could honestly robust my ass way more than they do. Being that I hang around RnD a lot. I can actively confirm their char has been rping a lot of learning and trial/error. Just my two cents as my char was named.
  13. +1 Always happy to see their char on round! Love the idea.
  14. +1 If I could plus one this again I would. Phenomenal roleplayer. Character seems interesting as well!
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