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  1. This commendation was accepted. The following actions were applied: -Morrigan Linn and Sezrak Han'San, were officially commended for their participation and aid to Dr. Ulery. -Dr. Angela Ulery was awarded the NanoTrasen Silver Science Medal for their creative use of newly implemented technology.
  2. I hate desven I hate desven I hate desven I hate desven I hate desven I hate desven
  3. BYOND Key: abigbear Discord Username: bear#0117 Character Name: Rajjurl Al-Thaalzir Item Name: Tajaran Noble's Suit, Tajaran Silken Gloves Item Function(s): Nothing more than a clothing article/jumpsuit Item Description: Suit: A dark, older suit refurbished with new additions and golden buttons, embroidery, and trim. Made with silken fabric, crimson epaulette, and matching sleeve cuffs this suit is a remnant of an older time on Adhomai made new again with recent restorations. Gloves: A pair of silken gloves fitted to a Tajaran hand. Why is your character bringing this item to work?: When working in diplomatic functions, appearances are everything. In order to maintain the appearance of nobility while functioning as a consular, a more royal garb helps emphasize the more traditional setting within the New Kingdom of Adhomai How did your character obtain this item?: In anticipation of his retirement from NanoTrasen, an old suit from the monarchs of old was obtained and refurbished before being tailored to fit. What value does this item have to your character, and what story does it tell?: For all familiar with Tajara, the presence of the revolutions and the Monarchal society that came before is ever looming, especially when dealing with the New Kingdom of Adhomai. Acting as a consular for said kingdom, this suit helps bring forth the concept of re-established nobility and the caste system being not-so-subtlety pushed back into place. This item serves a hook for those not familiar with Tajaran society, or an interesting hook for other Tajara on any side of the political spectrum Sprites: Sprite preview and the dmi uploaded with the post. Additional Comments: The .dmi was made with several items but I am bald and don't know how to separate them. I only want the suit and gloves added from it all. Credit to BrainOS for the amazing sprites. consular.dmi
  4. I have to echo what cybs said here sadly. As much as I like the idea, it's hard to find it believable for the Aurora. Left over inmates would, however, make more sense in the nbt. Though I see this being easily griefed or abused.
  5. Double post. Went ahead and made the suggestion and thankfully thegreywolf is fast AF at this. Hopefully this implemented for ayers like me who not so good at following the chat during stressful situations. https://github.com/Aurorastation/Aurora.3/pull/12125 Feeling pretty dumb ngl lol. I guess the warning is fair and can withdraw this. Accident or not it was my fault for not seeing it. My textbox is usually half the size of the screenshot. I just stretched it for the complaint so I wrote it off as a bug fuck off annoucement spam.
  6. Basically what the title size. Could we please change and bold the grappling/grab text sizes to mirror attack sizes? I am a player who tracks sprite movements and audio cues over the text spam and tend to tune out anything that is not in huge red text in stressful situations which has made things hard.
  7. You know I've looked at that screen shot at least ten times. And this is the first time I've noticed those smaller red lines saying exactly that. As I ignored it with the spam of text and the code change announcement and was only looking for the large red fly texts like the PDA one which is the same size as attacks and just assumed they were not there because I could not see the target. Especially as I've gotten used to reading the fly texts over people's head. That's my bad. It was genuinely an accident which is why I made this complaint as I've been trying to avoid a warning since my last back in last year. But I missed info in the text spam that would have changed this outcome. I will make a suggestion to change the grapple text size in the suggestions section.
  8. No see i disagree here. The fight was actively going on until a literal moment at most before my entering. I couldnt see this because the antag's victim was off my screen. You can see this on my screen as the "resist" long pops up with me entering the pharmacy after arming my grenade. I had seen them fighting while exiting the medbay. There was no reason to assume they had stopped fighting as the antag's sprite was still lunging at his target off screen. He was simply off my screen. And by the time I was able to recognize that he was a hostage, I'd already committed by arming the teargas grenade. No matter what I did at this point would still escalate as any movement of the grenade still says "hey I'm attacking." At this point though i was committed. This is why I didn't give it more than the hellos and the paramedic's comment. I assumed they were *still* fighting. Plus this is an unarmed antag so it's not like he was brandishing a gun and rearing to blow the the pharmacist's brains it just looked like he was beating his ass.
  9. I very much understand where Prate is coming from, however, due to my limited viewpoint due to line of sight restriction I'm simply asking for leniency and do not think it was warning worthy. After myself and the paramedic were ignored it looked like fighting was still going on with sprite movements lunging at the victim off screen and his continued interaction with his victim. The antag was armored but unarmed with no visible weapon sprite and I knew stun weaponry would be ineffective. It wasnt until after I had primed the tear gas grenade that his new hostage entered my view. If i had known there was hostage and not just someone getting beat I would have backed off. If I had known the antag was getting attacked by the victim I would probably have given them more time but all I knew was the pharmacist was "hurt" and there was a fair amount of blood on the floor. -I also assumed this was the same fake officer that had raided the vault so the ante was upped as they had already escaped us once. I can only act on what I could see. And what I could see suggested an armored man, who I thought I was hunting down, stomping a medical pharmacist.
  10. Radic made me do it, vote her.
  11. I did not know this. I thought they were the same one as I never actually got eyes on the other one then. I feel even worse about that.
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