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  1. They should at least be removed from the autolathe imho. Making them orderable is not a bad idea, the issue is it is simply ammunition and as is brought up there is little to stop it from being ordered. The LWAP has the barrier of cost. A 9k gun is not easy to come by without the checks and balances of another command member, typically a HoP or Captain. Raising slugs to cost that much is not as viable either but they could at least still be made expensive. It would at least add a few more steps, much like the bullpups which I suppose is not a bad compromise.
  2. TO: Mimirkra Mi'dynh, Forensics Technician NSS Aurora FROM: AMS, CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Review Request - Buck Thompson -------------------- Body: Upon request, the internal review board has conducted a full review of the individual in question. In review, the board has identified one or more problems in regards to the records and/or infractions on file for the individual. The findings and concerns of the board have been forwarded to internal affairs, which will be effecting the necessary corrective and/or executive actions. Thank you for your diligence. --
  3. Have to put a -1 to this after a long debate with myself. In a perfect world we would write a policy on acceptable dress. However, this is not a perfect world and we already have too much information overload, adding a comprehensive list on appropriate dress for this role is not realist. Furthermore, the Head of Security is expected to intervene, unlike forensics or investigations. This is the deciding factor in my -1. The HoS is still a combatant role with access to the entire department's supply of weaponry along with the warden and is expected to coordinate their team in response to thre
  4. KingofthePing is another long term player that has brought quality to the table in all regards. Definitely trustworthy for the whitelist. +1
  5. Another easy +1. Olivia's play across the board is always consistently fun and friendly. Their AI play is no exception, and they're more than trustworthy to have the whitelist.
  6. Anything that could be said was all ready said. Anyone who's interacted with Stryker's AI, Charles, over the last few years already knows the quality Stryker brings to this table. +1
  7. Another solid +1, Chen is a fantastic player. I've seen their AI play and it's solid. Not one to abuse the abilities given and typically creative to interact with focusing on crew interaction versus antag ability. Strongly recommend for the whitelist.
  8. A former admin and a friend, Cnaym's gameplay is solid. Their AIs have been one that is never a trouble to play with. They still remember how to HRP and not scream about undetected mercs in the bridge who just stepped out of the tunnels. A solid +1
  9. Hi I also played this round and many more. I want to address two points in this both in agreement with some of the above and also elaboration that I think is needed. Firstly I do not think Yermak is just space Alex Jones. I have been observing their roleplay and have interacted with them at several points through several several rounds. Their conspiracy theories are wacky, sure, but they're always immersed in lore elements and engaging to anyone that wishes to interact with them. But the character does exist beyond his conspiracies. They have likes, dislikes, opinions, negative traits such
  10. Reporting Personnel: Zahiid Al-Mrrhalgr Job Title of Reporting Personnel: First Responder Game ID: caD-aKbx Personnel Involved: -Aisha El-Kabir, Drill Technician, Victim -Takiyah El-Amin, Shaft Miner, Victim -Dekel Mrrhazrughan, Warden, Offender Secondary Witnesses: -Yhara Atiyeh, Cheif Medical Officer, Witness -ISU-Pulsar, Security Officer, Witness -NT-Disp, Security Officer, Witness Time of Incident: Real Time: 0600 GMT, 2/16/21 Location of Incident: Medical Lobby, Medical GTR. Nature of Incident: [ ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [
  11. RED IN MY BLOOD RED ON THE FLAG! Anyone who knows Nikita also knows about his proud Red-Planet heritage and the red col. I'd like to see the flag he's talked about for so long in game.
  12. Byond key: abigbear Discord key: Bear#0117 Character Name: Rajka Kaljurl'zar Item name: HEV-3 helmet, HEV-3 Voidsuit Item function(s): Mechanically: It's a voidsuit for Tajara, nothing more. A custom tailored voidsuit built to maximize comfort while maintaining a hypoallergenic environment. Item description: -Helmet: A Hephaestus Environmental Voidsuit variant tailored to Tajara, complete with temperature-circulation auxiliaries, spacious helmet interior to minimize friction, and complete anti-microbial filtration systems. -Suit: A Hephaestus Environmental Voidsuit variant
  13. Hard disagree. I think the game mode needs work, and a big change to the ability of the antag's ability to story tell (or lack thereof in it's current form). But removing it only will turn it into malf. Basically nonexistant.
  14. To clarify, I did, as HOS communicate we would beat the 50 grand. I was moving to withdraw the station funds when I was gunned down. My issue in this as the HoS who got shot is not the ERT players or the Antags, rather the highest bidder mentality. I would like to see that changed, perhaps in the wording that's given from the ERT. The wordless shooting was a gamer moment and everyone CM brained on it. Not that big of a deal in the end. Accidents happen. At the end of the day the freelancer swapped sides to remember no russian for 50k plus whatever they found in command. So let's say they to
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