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  1. Owivia has been a partner in crime for many of my away site Tajara based shenanigans. A fantastic roleplayer and one of the original friends I made on this server. After nudging her to get her cat whitelist since literally submitting my own I'm glad to see it's finally come to pass. The character concept is solid to me and I enjoy the feedback offered so far. Ivara is good cat concept. Solid +1
  2. TO: Oliver Roadman, Chief Engineer, NSS Aurora FROM: CCIAAMS, NTCC Odin SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: This is an automated message to inform you that an investigation has now been opened regarding your incident report, and assigned to Saul Walker (abogbear). You may be contacted by the CCIAA for an interview, or you may contact them directly if you have any questions. -------------------- DTG: 10-02:12-TAU CETI STANDARD-03-2462 SIGN: CCIAAMS
  3. Was surprised to hear shenanigans doesn't have their app! An easy plus one. They're a calm and collected player who is always a pleasure to play with. Interacts with new players and roleplays extremely well. I enjoy interacting with them very much. Give them the triiiaaaaaal. +1
  4. Reporting Personnel: Zahi'id Al-Mrrazhughran Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Shaft Miner Game ID: b53-aUTH Personnel Involved: -Nathan Sloan, Visitor, Offender -Takiyah Hanar, Research Director, Offender -Sabah Mrakiizar, Shaft Miner, Victim Secondary Witnesses: -Mikhael Al-Rhaznizr, Lab Assistant, Secondary Victim Time of Incident: (If unable to provide, leave blank) Real Time: 3/6/2020 0100 AM CST Location of Incident: Robotics Nature of Incident: [x] - Workplace Hazard [x] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [x] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [ ] - Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: During this shift, this one and Sabah ran into the fake Njarir director pretending to be a DPRA citizen while dressing like an NKA monarchist and making a mockery of our flag by poorly hanging it so it is visible in the main hall while dancing around in her monarchist tiara! Being loyal citizens we took to action and in a political protest we painted the director's windows with fruit as well as other political protests. The Captain, for whatever reason, gave them access into the supply channel where they blatantly accused us of actions and to which we told the monarchist to begone. Stating they had "attempted" to make peace, they set a visitor loose in a lethally armed exosuit to use against us. They were in plain view as the exosuit utilized flashbangs on both this one and Sabah, as we valiantly stood our ground and hit the exosuit with fruit despite it all. At one point, of the monarchist Njarirs Mikhael was hit as well with his own flashbang by the stupid and incompetent visitor-driver during this all. This over-escalation of response is completely unacceptable and he will not stand for it! He asks you what kind of Director is allowed to retain their position being so careless with machinegun wielding exosuits being given to any visitor who comes walking down the hall for the favor of attacking Zhan to retain their pathetic noble honor?! Submitted Evidence: N/A Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: We were unable too due to unforeseen security issues later on in the shift, Actions taken: N/A Additional Notes: ((I sorta became traitor and took said mech to go on a rampaging massacre so there was no chance to solve it ICly, glory to Nated and all that.))
  5. Suns bless the North. Another application that was an interesting read. +1
  6. Ugh more hadiists! That being said the app is good. I like it. +1
  7. Ive had many positive interactions with deadlantern. His roleplay is fantastic and I think he would do just fine command positions. +1
  8. Everything positive that I would say has already been said. Phat +1
  9. Reporting Personnel: Rashalii'rmirhan Khazmahr Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Research Director Game ID: b5W-dgbl Personnel Involved: -Peoples Republic of Adhomai, Offender -Nikandr Morozov, Detective, Offender -Konstantin Vorobyov, Chief Medical Officer, Offender -Kilqrr'Quraqk Xiiqrxum, Head of Security, Offender -Hanifa El-Ayim, Mechatronic Engineer, Offender -Katheryn Linerbord, Security Officer, Offender -Zaryah Al'Khouri, Medical Intern, Offender -Riori'Uptari Nunuz, Captain, Victim/Witness -Oliver Roadman, Witness Secondary Witnesses: Time of Incident: 2/29/2462 Real Time: Location of Incident: NSS Aurora Nature of Incident: [x]- Workplace Hazard [x]- Accident/Injury [x]- Destruction of Property [x]- Neglect of Duty [ ]- Harassment [x] - Assault [x] - Misconduct [x] - Other _Attempted Murder (multiple)_ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.) Overview of the Incident: At the start of the shift, this one received the central command communication that an unknown vessel would be docking with the station for both robotics and Artificial Intelligence repairs. This one's department only had mechatronic and biomechanical engineers at the time and thus none of them were qualified for Artificial Intelligence repairs leaving this one as the only capable member of Research to oversee it. Upon docking of the ship, this one lamented learning it belonged to the People's Republic of Adhomai. Being a Tajara of honor, however, this reluctantly obeyed both the command of Central Command and the Captain to repair the units and instructed the combat-grade robots that departed with the AI in tow to move to the robotics bay. This was perhaps the biggest mistake this one could have made. Having the robotics team repair the robots first, this one then began to repair the AI bringing it back online. This one was quite unprepared for the revelation that it would brute force it's way into our most secure systems within a matter of seconds. Thankfully the station central intelligence, Rhetoric, was able to keep the invading intelligence at bay. The robots then proceeded to drag the foreign intelligence out of the robotics bay (heavily armed so it is unsurprising Security did not immediately attempt to shut them down. He wishes to be clear they should not be faulted here, the security members listed as offenders will be addressed further in) and began hunting "subversive elements" on NT property with an armed robotic escort. The Captain ordered this one to shut it down as it now had access to command channels, system interfaces, and suns knows what else. This one grabbed an intellicard and planned with the station's central intelligence to sweep in and card the AI swiftly. As the robots were separated from AI in the holodeck, Rhetoric bolted the doors while this one dashed in and carded said AI while retreating. This one disabled it's remote access and broadcasts retreating into the maintenance tunnels and moving towards his office with the goal of relawing it to simply stand down and return it to the ship and send it off before informing Central Command he had failed to repair it safely due to it's risk to the station's security, secrets, and suns know what else. This is where things truly began to fall apart. Upon entering his office, he learned very quickly that the AI still had access through robotic communication to it's armed units who greeted this one by opening his door before he could reach the console saying "Hadii's grace." This one then retreated once more and began what felt like an eternity of quite literal cat and mouse with armed military grade robots attempting to murder this one and recover the intelligence. This one made the executive decision as he began to find himself cornered to wipe the AI for his safety, and the safety of others as he could see no feasible way to relaw it and shut it down. The combat droids then lost their sense of coordination and were far easier to elude. However, this sent many PRA sympathetic Tajara into what he could only describe as a maddened frenzy. This one went immediately to the Captain as ordered with the threat of robotic execution severely reduced, however, a PRA robot found him and open fired on this one. He was hit with a grazing bullet, flashed the robot, and ran away as a security officer stared at it deciding not to open fire on the hostile robot with his laser rifle. He knows not what came of it as he went directly to the bridge and handed over the now blank telecard, to which the CMO pulled a pistol on this one and aimed it at him. The Captain quite literally stood in front of the CMO between them and this one and took a bullet to the head from the CMO as security reached the bridge. This one flashed the CMO as they began to fire their pistol wildly and a security officer knocked them down. This one took his gun and slid it on the ground to the Head of Security who promptly handled the situation and arrested the CMO. This one remained with the Captain and went medical to have his own wounds treated that he received from the CMO. Once this was done we attempted to return to the bridge to which we were greeted by the intern, Zaryah Al'Khouri who proceeded to stab this one in the chest as well as cut the captain. This one utilized his flash once more and knocked her over to which the Captain and this one promptly ran away. On the safety of the bridge, this one explained the outcome of carding the AI to the Captain, where he was informed by Chief Engineer Oliver Roadman that his mechatronic engineer, El-Ayim had constructed a combat grade exosuit and shot this one's office up after attempting to coerce this one to meet with her. He knows not what came of her as he did not leave the bridge. As things devolved into chaos, this one bandaged himself and remained quite wounded on the bridge in fear for his life and cut off from medical treatment because of it. The Captain also deemed it quite unsafe to attempt to move for medical treatment and thus we discussed our options on the bridge. At this time, however, we learned more PRA robots had activated and were making their way towards the bridge still believing this one had possessed the AI. We retreated to the captain's office in an area they could not reach due to their inability to utilize ladders. The robots then began to make demands threatening to open fire on crewmembers if this one was not turned over to them. Prior to this, the Captain had attempted to return the mainframe of the now destroyed AI to the robots, however, someone in the madness stole the mainframe. He knows not what came of this nor was he able to find out during his constant fight and flight for his life. An emergency response beacon was called.. however.. the IAC was slaughtered by combat robots to no one's surprise. Clearly a contract that was worth hiring for emergent response teams. Regardless, this one then found a security officer Katheryn Linerbord coming up the stairs, demanding this one searched for the AI to which he agreed and lo and behold they found nothing on him as the AI had been wiped ages ago. Miss Linerbord and the head of security then demanded that they turn this one over the PRA for certain execution. The Captain ordered them to stand down to which they argued with the Captain for some time until Oliver Roadman informed them the AI was dead and somehow got them to stand down and then leave. An emergency shuttle was called after this and the Captain and this one elected to take an escape pod instead of risking another altercation with the crew, however, this was not to be. Detective Nikandr Morozov, chased the captain down who had hidden this one in a locker and drew his gun. The Detective demanded to search the locker, despite the Captain ordering them to leave three times. Finally agreeing to let the Detective check the locker on the condition they holstered the pistol, they unlocked it and the detective attempted to seize this one by force. The Captain drew her telebaton and hit the detective to which he drew his pistol and open fired. Both the Captain and this one sustained injuries (again) and the Captain knocked the Detectives gun from his hand with the baton. She however, collapsed, severely injured at this point from bullet wounds. This one picked up the pistol and open fired on the detective, wounding him before activating a hand teleporter and throwing the detective into it. An explosion was heard and that is the last he heard of the would be assassin. To his knowledge, they were found deceased after the shift. The Captain, however, was mortally wounded. This one performed CPR on her and then dragged her to the bridge entrance to where a paramedic placed her in a cryo bag and she was taken for emergent surgery to which this one remained with her, missing the shuttle and remaining. Several other Tajara had gathered at this point and there were no more hostilities, thank the sun, until evacuation efforts returned with aid. Submitted Evidence: Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: The Captain, Madame Riori, who was also then subjected the attempted murders as well. Actions taken: The Captain and this one moved to a secure area while waiting for security to handle the security robots. He is still quite surprised the security members listed were willing to hand this one over for summary execution on already hostile combat droids. Additional Notes:
  10. I have to -1 this on the principle of lying in the title! With that out of the way, Bear#2 is an amazing and well collected individual who I have found both enjoyable and a quality RP'r. Despite eating crayons for a living, I think he understands the server rules well enough from my interactions with him and would be a very positive addition to the moderator team. You know.. once he corrects his title.
  11. Calm, collected, and always willing to reason with and work through multiple perspectives. A lot of fun and creative ideas come from Borya. Along with his willingness to help others and be easily reachable, he is an easy +1 of support for the position.
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