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  1. Byond key: abigbear Discord key: Bear#0117 Character Name: Rajka Kaljurl'zar Item name: HEV-3 helmet, HEV-3 Voidsuit Item function(s): Mechanically: It's a voidsuit for Tajara, nothing more. A custom tailored voidsuit built to maximize comfort while maintaining a hypoallergenic environment. Item description: -Helmet: A Hephaestus Environmental Voidsuit variant tailored to Tajara, complete with temperature-circulation auxiliaries, spacious helmet interior to minimize friction, and complete anti-microbial filtration systems. -Suit: A Hephaestus Environmental Voidsuit variant
  2. Hard disagree. I think the game mode needs work, and a big change to the ability of the antag's ability to story tell (or lack thereof in it's current form). But removing it only will turn it into malf. Basically nonexistant.
  3. To clarify, I did, as HOS communicate we would beat the 50 grand. I was moving to withdraw the station funds when I was gunned down. My issue in this as the HoS who got shot is not the ERT players or the Antags, rather the highest bidder mentality. I would like to see that changed, perhaps in the wording that's given from the ERT. The wordless shooting was a gamer moment and everyone CM brained on it. Not that big of a deal in the end. Accidents happen. At the end of the day the freelancer swapped sides to remember no russian for 50k plus whatever they found in command. So let's say they to
  4. uhmmmmm


    mic drop

    mic drop


    happy birthday

  5. Supported this prior to the whitelist, support it now. They play a phenomenal command player in my opinion.
  6. Music is something integral Tajara, something often forgotten as that most Tajara have at least some basic singing training from their primary schooling. Not only are these thematic, but very fitting the setting. I would love to see more development on this front, and these are a good start. Fat +1.
  7. God please. When the chat scrolls, rescanning is such a pain when they're FLATLINING. +1
  8. Everything I would add has all ready been said. A solid +1. They're good for it.
  9. Everything I would have to add is already been said. +1
  10. I've only had brief interactions with their Director but from what I've seen they're engaging with their department and the rounds as well as inclusive so +1 from me.
  11. Anything to add has already been said. Regardless, enjoyed their interaction. Good player. +1
  12. I have to say this has hit upon one of the major areas I'd love to see developed out in Tajara lore: Culture. While there's a lot of culture present as is, I'd love to see the area developed, specifically in things such as holidays which your piece touched on. All ready giving this a solid +1. But I am curious, in what areas beyond holidays would you like to expand on Tajaran culture and what separates them from being the rest of the galaxy. Any ideas for customs, traditions, or general societal expectations beyond what we already have?
  13. I honestly can't write this better. I understand the frustration of perhaps the want of a normal round and maybe that's your only round for the day. But honestly? The round that even sparked this wasn't straight LRP. Was it wacky? Was it funny? Yes. Was it a nice break from the monotony of another lowpop wizard round? (which by the way this round started with a dead manifest so the admin in question took it upon themselves to do something with the otherwise post-apocalyptic CyberPunk manifests. IDK chief, Santa as a wishgranter wasn't a bad round gimmick for Admin Spice if I'm being honest
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