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Direwolf20's religious Items Request


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I have noticed that there is a religion Selection during character setup and I have seen quite a few players that are not able to properly RP their religions due to lack of the proper items I would love to see these try and be implemented, For example, my character Baraukh Al-Assad Worships the Islamic faith, when i send him to go pray there is no Dishdasha, no Prayer Rugs, no foot baths, Nothing, I would really like to be able to RP my characters religion properly. However I do not just speak for Islamic Characters, Buddhists have no version of a portable shrine and no Incense. Here i have gathered a small list of items I think would be nice to have for aiding with Roleplaying religions.

Islam : Portable footbath, Dishdasha, Prayer rugs.

Buddhism: Incense and portable Buddha shrine, Monk Robes.

Hinduism: Copy of the Veda's maybe? maybe some incense as well?

Christianity: Maybe a Crucifix? a Cross of some kind? A holy Bible?

On a Side note, I know that religious tensions can be kind of high this day and age, But this is purely for the purpose or Roleplay and about the characters not the people who play them, Lets all keep this clean and get along ^-^, Also if you think I missed any Religious items that you think should be added to the list, just post a reply and I will add them to the list! Also, I don't want all of these for my characters, I was thinking about maybe having them spawn in the chapel for anybody to use.

Here is the formatted forms, slightly altered for the purpose.


BYOND Key: Direwolf20

Character name: Barukh Al-Assad

Why are our character carrying said item to work? For religious purposes.

Item name: Portable Foot Bath

Item function(s): Washes the Feet before Islamic prayer

Item description: It is a small object capable of washing ones feet.

Item appearance: Essentially a small Sink that you can carry around and use on your feet, or other parts of the body.

Item name: Dishdasha

Item function(s): Its a robe.

Item description: A traditional long white robe worn by those who Worship Islam during prayer.

Item appearance: Essentially would be something appearing just like wizards robes only white.

Item name: Prayer Rug

Item function(s): Is able to be rolled out on the ground and knelt down on (Islamic Prayer Position) When Activated/toggles and the person is standing on it.

Item description: A beautifully hand crafted prayer rug, used by Those who worship Islam to pray on , it bears an image of a Crescent moon and star.

Item appearance: Basically a portable carpet tile, That looks like the description above.

Item name: Incense

Item function(s): Can be lit just like candles.

Item description: A Stick of Incense, Wow that smells good!

Item appearance: basically a thinner candle.

Item name: Portable Buddha shrine

Item function(s): Can be set on tables/the floor, when it is clicked on with incense it opens the prayer tab.

Item description: A small golden statue of the Buddha, He looks very happy.

Item appearance: Well, Would look like the description above, I assume.

Item name: Buddhist Monk Robes

Item function(s): Its a robe.

Item description: Robes Typically adorned by those who practice Buddhism.

Item appearance: Essentially an orange/Burgundy version of wizards robes. with no sleeves.

Item name: The HoloVeda's

Item function(s): can be clicked on to open the prayer tab (I know ,its a bit inaccurate)

Item description: A Large Holographic collection of the Veda's an Ancient Hindu Text.

Item appearance: I was thinking like, a PDA but...more..Hindu-y (I hope nobody takes offense to that)

Item name: A Crucifix

Item function(s): can be clicked on to open the prayer tab.

Item description: Thats a Crucifix, Its a wooden cross with a small sculpture of space-Jesus being crucified on it.

Item appearance: It's a cross...

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I'd love to see these added and to maybe put them in the coffin area (remove some of the coffins) and use that as a storage area for general religious items! Can we please ? :D

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What about items that may or may not be used for lore-based religions, such as Tajaran beliefs? (We'd have to come up with some things for it I'm sure, but Kylan would definitely make use of some things)


Yeah we would! That would be a great Idea! I will start working on coming up with more things for the list.

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