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Prospekt's Tajara Application.

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BYOND Key: Prospekt1559

Character Names: Odanu Adanutha(Not played anymore), Silaris Uaekis, EPSiLON, & Prometheus.

How long have you been playing on Aurora:About a year.

Species you are applying to play: Tajara.

What color do you plan on making your first alien character (Dionaea & IPCs exempt): Blue-grey

Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes, indeed I have.

Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question

Why do you wish to play this specific race:I wish to play this species because it is fascinating, but not only that I'd like to further my RP capabilities from whitelist to whitelist so I'm not stuck doing one thing. It'd be nice to create a Tajara character, I've observed them for quite some time now and I've decided to make an application for it. I like Tajara like I like my Unathi. They have a great lore backstory rending from their Renaissance period to human contact, I like it all. After doing some reading I wanted to apply immediately so here I am applying for Tajara. I've always grown to like other alien races more than humans, they give a more distinct feel with roleplay. They're more unique per say, you tend to get more roleplay out of them no matter what the circumstance; at least that's how I feel.

Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: What's different between roleplaying a Human and a Tajara. They are very different, from looks to how they speak. Humans speak more fluent english when Tajara tend to have a different speech pattern. Not only that, they have a different life style which could very much so impact on how roleplay is done. How roleplay is does in that way you might ask? Well, when you have two different cultures, Human's Culture and Tajara's Culture. They most likely aren't the same, in fact they are different. Earth and Adhomai are different. The way they are used to dressing is most likely carried over to the station, the way they are used to acting, eating, speaking, moving, etc. Are different.


Character Name: Hamza Ha'ik

Please provide a short backstory for this character, approximately 2 paragraphs

2433, Prologue.

Today is the year Hamza Ha'ik was born, born into the freezing planet of Adhomai. A few years after the uprising when the age was going into repair of what happened. Born in a high mountain looking over a village below in a cottage. By the age of 6 his father began teaching him what it's like to be Zhan-Khazan. The mountain in which he was born, he lived in till about the age of 17 before his parents allowed him to set off for a new home where he can use what his father taught him. Hamza settled in a village which was hidden in a vast forest region. This village ascended into a mountain which was home to mining ores and minerals for the villages' population to make all sorts of tools. With that he learned early on his job future.

Start and end.

Adhomai had started advancing once more, recovering from what had been lost. They advanced with the assistance of other non-native races. Along with Sol Alliance's involvement. A more bright future for Hamza appeared with Sol Alliance shuttling out Tajara for new job opportunities. He sought out said shuttles, bringing every bit of memory with him. But before so, he sent out a letter to his dearest parents up in the mountains in high hopes it would make it there. Hamza reached the day of evolving from the poor tools that had been provided for him to work for his village. Being shuttled out to Tau Ceti where he contacted multiple job employments under job requirements for a Miner. Hamza needed better pay, he could send out this money to his parents and village to help them. He quickly studied the basic language required for his job. NT advertisements were growing and spreading around all of the home systems and stations. A lot of which departments for NT recruitment were stationed around. With this easy access, our Tajara sought out these stationed departments. Approaching one on a Hub Station home to a large quantity of Xeno Races. With the knowledge he learned he quickly signed the waiver submitting it.

Hamza was later on accepted for the job employment, he signed his contract and awaited his next contact with NT command for his assignment to a station. About a week later, he had written another letter to his parents and sent it down to Adhomai to be sent to his parents. He hadn't gotten a response the whole time he had been away from Adhomai, he was worried but that day he received a documentation which he quickly opened. "You're assigned to NSS Aurora. You have been accepted as a Miner t mine on the asteroids it is orbiting and have settled on. You're passes are included in this message for a free shuttle over to NSS Odin to prepare for your next shift aboard your assigned station. - NT Command.". He quickly folded the letter sliding it into his leather bag. Scurrying to his room to eat dinner before sleeping so he can prepare for the big day tomorrow. Hamza finally made it where he could pay for his village and parents, only if he knew if his parents were still out there. The next day, he packed his things into a large pouch then headed over to the departures wing where he turned in his passport and ticket for NSS Odin. He received a nod and was searched before given the approval to pass on to the shuttle where he put his bag in one of the compartments then plopped down in his seat buckling in.


What do you like about this character? What I like about this character is his hopes to finally afford to assist in his parents into a new home if they are still alive. Along with excelling his village. I've always liked everyone of my characters, I have a lot to say about them a good backstory. This is the longest backstory since Silaris Uaekis that I wrote. Hamza is a simple miner looking for a good pay, taught by his father to work as a Zhan-Khazan. He's one of those hard workers looking for a life not only for himself but for the ones he cares about. I believe I can make a lot out of him also. I only wrote up to his entrance to Odin because I'd like to create his story on server instead of setting it in stone. I want to evolve him into something more which I believe is possible and would be very fun and enjoyable on this character.

How would you rate your role-playing ability? 8/10 judging from my experience with roleplay through the many years I've partaken in it.

Notes:Thank you for reading my application, I really enjoyed making this back story.

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