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Commendation Report - 12/28/64

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Reporting Personnel: Hailey Wise

Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Chief Medial Officer

Game ID: clB-bm0g

Commended Personnel: Amara Nasr (Executive Officer), Donny Willis (Atmospherics Technician), Briar Sadar (Chief Engineer), Ceyrs-02 (First Responder), Zhi Jiang (Scientist)

Witnesses: Hailey Wise (Chief Medical Officer),  Flynn Johnson (Shaft Miner), Konstantyn Lovad (Shaft Miner)

Time of Commendable Act:

Real Time: 1000GMT 12/28/22

Location of Act: Spark and Intrepid

Overview: On or about 0900 hours 12/28/64 I came on shift. Briar Sadar was sole command at the time and informed me the miners were overdue. Shortly after that the Spark came into telecomms communication range and reported that they were adrift. I moved to the bridge to attempt assess the situation. Shortly thereafter Amara Nasr came on shift. Despite having just arrived, she very quickly reacted to my update by preparing the Intrepid for a rescue mission. I ordered Cerys-02 to gear up and move to the Intrepid. She responded quickly as well. Having observed the Spark fly through a hazard and suspecting injuries; I issued the hand teleporter to Zhi Jiang and she agreed to accompany the rescue mission to provide emergency medivac support. Donny Willis quickly prepared the Intrepid for launch and spare supplies to recover the Spark. Briar Sadar coordinated Willis' well. She also acted quickly when the bridge was breached by Carp while attempting to rendezvous with the Intrepid on their return. Unfortunately Shaft Miner Chadda expired aboard the Spark before first contact with the Spark after going adrift.

The extraordinary aspect was how quickly the crew, especially Engineering and the XO, went from finding out the Spark was in danger, to launching a fully equipped and prepared Search and Rescue mission. Despite having little time to prepare and no foreknowledge. The Spark's course took it through many hazards and would have taken it through countless more. Their quick reaction undoubtably saved the miner's lives.

Additional Notes: I've cast a wide net here with commended personnel, being involved in the incident means I'm not aware of much of what happened since I was focused on preparing Medical for the miner's return. I'll leave it to the SCCIA to narrow the scope should they pursue this commendation. Events on route to and aboard the Spark by the Intrepid crew are unknown to me and may also deserve mention in the commendation. I have no information on what transpired aboard the Spark or the Intrepid during the mission.

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TO: Hailey Wise, Chief Medical Officer, SCCV Horizon 

FROM: Human Resources, AMS, NTCC Odin 

SUBJECT: RE: Commendation Report



Although we applaud your diligence, quick thinking and response, we believe that standard rescue operations do not exceed the expectations set for the crew. However, we offer our condolences to Shaft Miner Chadda and their family.


DTG: 02-03:24-TAU CETI STANDARD-12-2464 

SIGN: L. Inzaghi


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