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  1. My Starwars DnD character Minsu Pak Razorak Szsk
  2. Thank you for the clarifications and expansions. Your application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs. Accepted.
  3. A good question about the Elyran system and something I can look into clarifying on the wiki. We've decided that it would reset if the IPC were to change hands before the three year period is up. One last set of questions. Has the act of being repeatedly memory wiped, abandoned, repaired and changing hands effected Domino's outlook at all? How do they view themselves?
  4. Thank you for applying. Was Domino owned by an Elyran? If so, why didn't the three year ownership law apply? Elyra's method of acquiring freedom is not the same as Tau Ceti. Which, as a heads up, the 2500 credits would not fly in Tau Ceti, where an IPC is expected to pay back 10x the cost of their purchase unless the owner chose to accept that low of credits. In what way has Domino been philosophical at times? What prompted this? Why did it choose to go by Domino? What thought process went into Domino purchasing itself only to sell itself instead to Nanotrasen?
  5. I think whitelisting the AI has been a good idea, but I don't know if we need to have the changed laws (in regards to the change once AI was whitelisted). The point of Asimov's lawset was to demonstrate how inherently flawed system was, and how they can be interpreted differently. Although we don't have Asimov's laws exactly, I do feel as though making them more restrictive means a decrease in player freedom. Granted, since we're a multiplayer game, these things need to be balanced. There's also a weird issue now where we have IC vs OOC in the laws itself. Synthetic life is not legally co
  6. Thank you for the further expansions. Your application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs. Accepted.
  7. Sounds good. Although it isn't clear on the wiki (something we're working on) databases function as an IPCs way of knowing the more complicated actions of their job while also giving us an in-lore reason for why a robot can't know everything (and thus job hop). Nevertheless, your application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs, accepted.
  8. Aah I was worried this was in part the case. As an IPC (and an IPC loaded with information in order to be a Scientist), TalOS should understand the consequence of their actions and thus threatening someone over an item shouldn't ever reasonably happen, even if they've seen it done. An IPC would understand the political fragility they have and that by threatening a person, they are more or less opting to risk dismantlement, which in turn would go against Self Preservation. If TalOS is a chat box in a body, why have him be a scientist over an assistant?
  9. Thanks for the further clarifications. I convened with my team and we just had one last set of questions. Why TalOS over anything else however? In terms of the how they differ from humans question, you get into the fundamentals and where they belong. Are you able to expand on how they think? If Talos hasn't thought about his purpose or existence but chooses to mirror other people/adopt traits, why is this? Where did the choice come from?
  10. Thank you for the clarifications and expansions. I am curious what you mean by the line: Where did TalOS' name originate from? Did they choose it? Since they've spent some time on the station, how do they feel or think about their existence or purpose?
  11. My team found the revised backstory fine. Although not huge or app breaking, one could ask why they weren't made a quartermaster, or if they have any other priorities aside from work.
  12. Poking this just to see if it's still active. Will you be pushing out an expansion to the how IPCs differ from humans question?
  13. Hello, thank you for applying! I like the point about how a lacking a foundational childhood would effect an IPC. Are you able to expand on how IPCs differ from humans? In terms of the backstory, what was TalOS' original reason for manufacturing and why? Was TalOS being smuggled? If so, why, and how did they acquire the cargo? Why were they headed to the Aurora? Why didn't they answer the station? If the units were found to be stolen, why weren't they returned? Why were all the other units sold other than TalOS? What role will they be on station? Lastly, I confirmed with the human ma
  14. niennab

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    An album of my personal work as well as commissions pertaining to SS13. If you'd like to commission me, feel free to reach out on Discord at Lauren#3847.
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