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  1. Hello! Thank you for answering Stryker's questions. One of which was my own however we opted to combine our thoughts/questions into one comment. Nonetheless, the only issue I saw was the portion remarking on Nanotrasen as the developers, which I believe has been in part addressed. However, since Nanotrasen isn't in the development of IPCs, I try to keep them distanced from the manufacturing side as personally I feel it robs the other companies conceptually. However, I think this can be resolved with having Nanotrasen provide part or full funding (your portion) and say the Aurora is a testing ground for the line of prototypes. If you're cool with that as a background, I can move forward with the application. Does that however mean that MYRIAD is owned by Nanotrasen or Zeng-hu? I can answer this although I don't necessarily want to get into specifics. Day to day I see few issues other than what is already ahelpable regardless of one's species.
  2. I wanted to try and play a round accompanied by Lt. Columbo and, although I already knew some of Columbo's behaviors, only now do I fully understood now how bad of a dog he is. As such, I wanted to request the removal of the feature where if anyone other than the "Friend" to Columbo, touches Columbo, he bites. Or, a feature where you can essentially set Columbo's behavior. Such as: "Lt. Columbo, Passive." - Columbo accepts pets from the non-friends and medical attention without issue. "Lt. Columbo, Aggressive." - Columbo is as he is now. Biting non-friends who pet him or tend to him medically. As an example, being unrobust as I am, I accidentally struck Columbo during the shift. As such, as an IPC not equip for medical practices, I took him to the medical lobby. When the doctor went to treat him, Columbo started biting him. Which more prompted me to instead pretend that I knew how to apply a medical bandage in an effort to bring Columbo up to decent health. As the 'friend', I was the only one who could treat him. As a side note, Columbo seems to also just eat bandages. One advanced trauma kit and an entire role of bandages only brought him from severely damaged, to damaged. And the damage caused was from an unarmed punch from a shell IPC. Nevertheless, I think this would greatly reduce the stress involved in roleplaying having the K-9 unit with you. This recommendation extends to the crate spawned dogs as well.
  3. Due it being nearly 72 hours since the application was opened and a few issues remain unaddressed, I'm going to have to deny the application. There is nothing in the lore that states that an IPC is akin to a child or less intelligent and Nanotrasen is not in the development of manufacturing IPCs. Additionally, a backstory is required to be two paragraphs at the minimum. This seems like an excuse to move a borg to an IPC, which is not allowed in the present lore. Feel free to apply in a week.
  4. Personally I don't agree with the removal of the radio on green. There is a number of departmental chatter that will essentially flood into the common radio as a result. Some of which confidential, some of which people likely won't care to hear but it also makes coordinating incredibly difficult. On lowpop, there are times where we can't even raise the code. With departmental security, we're essentially dividing the department, why limit communication while already spread so thin? If this and the possibility of removing the General Officer is the price of Departmental Security, something not mentioned here but an idea discussed on Discord, then I am admittedly no longer interested in Dep Sec.
  5. Due to the application reaching the 72 hour mark and a few questions remain unanswered, I will have to deny the application. Typically I look for more from the question here: Additionally, the backstory is fairly simple. Nonetheless, you are welcome to reapply in a week.
  6. I am a sucker for extended so I will always support the idea of having more if it. I personally believe that by adding antag drafting, we have seen a significant reduction in extended and it makes me incredibly sad. Secret is not HRP. It never will be. The recent set of days look like this, not the above:
  7. I wanted to suggest that the fire alarm is made more obvious and back to a more standard red. I am no expert but I honestly believed they were designed to be bright and red so that in an emergency, when you can't think clearly or you aren't certain where the nearest one is, it's going to jump out at you. I would love as well if things were more saturated as well, personally.
  8. Is your beyond key Kevin McScrooge or KevinMcScrooge? I cannot find it with the underscore however I can find a similar id without it. What do you mean by this? Can you also expand on the question further? What did being sold in addition to the mining accident do to Zeus in terms of their perspective and outlook? Additionally, how long was Zeus working for Nanotrasen before acquired by pirates? What did that do to Zeus as a character? If Zeus acquired their freedom only to lose it, why include it in a backstory? What do you mean by this?
  9. What do you mean by this? Does STAR V 267 have any relation to STAR V 266? Additionally, can you expand on the backstory further? It should be noted as well that Nanotrasen does not inherently manufacture nor develop positronic brains or IPC chassis'.
  10. Would having it be required to be made by a biochemist/pharmacist help the issue? It may still happen with that route but I suppose the chances of misuse are greatly reduced.
  11. Since it's been 72 hours since posting I am going to close the application. You are welcome to post another app at any point. Please however address the issues above in doing so.
  12. Thank you for addressing Stryker's questions. The larger concern was the mention of the removal of an emotion synthesizer despite later feeling resentment. However if instead a cheaper model was installed, it makes sense. Nonetheless, your application provides an understanding of IPCs in addition to detailing an interesting story. Presently, we do not have a way to have shells spawn in with differing prosthetic limbs (I wish they could). However you may then have to rely on your FT to carry a lot of the subtle details. Nonetheless, accepted.
  13. Yesss! I wasn't aware we had something similar (other than the lethal bit). My hope was for a paralyzing effect (other than the character's mouth and ears).
  14. I wanted to put forward the idea of Soporific being more akin to a full body numbness, allowing characters that either need to be sedated or held still through medical means the ability to still role-play. Or, I want to suggest that the time Soporific lasts in the body is greatly reduced. Presently, as it stands, Soporific has a high chance of ultimately ruining an antags gimmick or (more over) a player's round because it ultimately forces them into a state of nothingness. As an example, on a round of Rev/Loyalist, I brought the Head Loyalist to medical, whom was bleeding out and near dying. At this point, they were effectively unable to fight however a player decided that they would force feed them soporific, effectively removing the player from the round. What followed was the Head Loyalist essentially being stuck asleep for quite possibly close to 10 minutes before a shoot out occurred, and the Head Loyalist, without the ability to even run or talk, was killed in the crossfire. Although the solution won't solve the issue of being able to flee, it does allow the player to do more than watch a flickering black screen. Ahelping aside, I think this would reduce the amount of times this may happen. I will admit even early on in my time on the server I made the same mistake of administering soporific to a vampire (whom was already cuffed and stuck in a bed) at Security's request.
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