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  1. Pennant is a joy to roleplay with and the character having a custom sprite is well overdo! It's not a sprite, I am the big dumb.
  2. No. But on the surface you are presenting a character that, by being free is unaccountable to a human or organization that could otherwise seek to decommission it for any misdeeds. As well as having served the TCFL in the past, one could surmise that the character has both an understanding of firearms in addition to, your own words, exosuits. I noticed as well in fixing the link attached to your application that you are proposing lore that doesn't presently exist. In order to propose lore, please follow the guidelines found here:
  3. A fantastic read and an interesting character concept. Moreover the consideration of what an industrialized future would do if emotional labour became a commodity is fascinating. Accepted! Thank you for this haha. ((Also I wonder if anyone who gave the app a +1 noticed it))
  4. The character itself seems too much of a jack of all trades in addition to by passing a lot of what makes a synthetic in the lore, synthetic. For example, because they have both earned their freedom and served their time in the TCFL, the concept or struggles involved as well of the value in earning these feats feel almost thrown to the way side in favor of what could be (although I don't know) an excuse to power game. Additionally could you expand more on the question of how IPCs differ from humans?
  5. I like these proposed changes. Currently, because its unchangeable, it is more likely that my characters are going to avoid the wizard as best they can, which limits rp. I would like to suggest that if hit with the wand and made into anything Vaurca that they automatically spawn with their breathing apparatuses. Although I believe the two who were turned on a recent round didn't die, I have seen a player die in the past due to either their being little or unresponsive engineering staff to grab the tanks.
  6. Thank you for the clarification! The backstory is simple but the application otherwise demonstrates an understanding of IPCs mechanically as well as within the lore. Accepted!
  7. Out of curiosity, what do you mean by the price cut? I assume she'll be a contractor aboard the Aurora?
  8. Given that IPCs are to varying degrees left alone during vampire or ling rounds, I would love to see this or some variant of it implemented.
  9. Your app provides a good understanding of IPCs as well as IRUs. Thank you for the pleasant read! From an ooc perspective my only concern, would have been in regards to Jack's degree of reasonable force. However, based on the responses to your application, I trust this won't be misused! Accepted.
  10. Oh sorry! I don't know how I didn't see this message. I do!
  11. This never happened canonly but anyone who knows Aubrey's backstory will know who this is. ((The pose is based on The Kiss by Klimt. If you don't know, then you AREN'T CULTURED.))
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