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  1. I wanted to pit forward the request of being able to print Security (and or Medical) records from the CSI/FT Office. When cross referencing and linking characters to finger prints found on scene and in preparing my documentation, I found that I wasn't able to print the security records in order to back up my claims. Meaning that although I am presenting the finger print record, Security has to take my word in that I have matched it to the right person. So far my word has always been taken or, in a recent round I've just started copy pasting the beginning of a characters record onto a blank sheet of paper as "proof". However I do wish the function was available! Thank you for your time!
  2. It was likely a minute at best. I was by the elevators when I asked for the location from you and had been called and while RPing, had begun to make my way over. Communication wasn't clear, yes, but the belligerent responses in both situations still apply to the present application. Playing Command isn't always doing what's right, but rather keeping a level head in high stress situations. On a side note, if this is your trial and you're actively seeking feedback after each round, why aren't you playing in Command as your CE? Not as to seem finger-pointy, I'm just curious. (I didn't realize you didn't start your trail.)
  3. Honestly this is so cool that I want to see it as a public Psychiatrist/Psychologist item! I want to be wrapped up in a big blanket.
  4. I am rather worried about Roman Joon. In the two rounds I played with him (although if my memory serves me right you didn't spawn in as a Chief Engineer) I have had a negative impression of the character. He comes across as belligerent, disregarding of authority and station rules. In reporting a break in that I was on my way to as my Forensic Technician, although hadn't managed to yet confirm, he began to tamper with the evidence. I was nearby so it didn't take me long to arrive. When my character arrived on the scene and asked why, Roman continued to rebuild the site, saying that he decided to tamper with the evidence because someone else in Security told him it was low priority. He was incredibly dismissive and I feel very neutral about the whole endeavor. Then on a more recent round, Joon disregarded Security telling him not to enter the brig and instead broke in with the assistance of a stationbound during a round where Security was dealing with multiple break-outs. I honestly thought he was a traitor. I have to give a soft -1 for what I've seen from him.
  5. IRU-Sentiment I'll be taking a small break from commissions in order to focus on some personal work I've wanted to take on but I'll be available maybe late December/early January.
  6. I think if the horizontal line is removed from the waist on the gardener, itll solve the issue of the overalls looking like a vest. Or, since it's an accessory, is it weird without the line? I can however try my hand at it in a handful of hours however.
  7. I'm glad to see changes to the gardener uniform. I have struggled with it for awhile before embracing the bright green and blue that is hydroponics. Howver on the second sprite, is that supposed to be overalls or a vest? I think due to the line work at the bottom, it comes across as a vest instead of ((what I hope are)) overalls.
  8. I have never seen HAPT but I really want to, especially if they're wearing this. The silhouette change alone is enough in my opinion for a +1!!!
  9. The application is a bit bare bones and too similar to other character concepts ((I can think of two characters who nearly match this character's backstory of the rich man owned Bartender)). Because of this, I don't feel the application offers insight into an understanding of IPC lore. Having similar ideas is fine, since there's naturally going to be an overlap between players, however I recommend trying to make a more lore heavy character or a more well rounded or developed character in your next application. If you wanted to run with a similar concept, consider why someone might dump/sell their IPC beyond just boredum, and how the IPC might interpret their decision-making. Did it instill fear rooted in self-preservation? Do they feel distrust towards organics for having been cast aside? I will deny this application but feel free to apply in 3 days at the minimum.
  10. I have no issue with chance opportunities. In my opinion it's what makes player characters different from an NPC. I only wanted to know the details of their 'resurrection'. An interesting story and a great demonstration of understanding synthetics. Accepted.
  11. I am embarrassed I didn't notice you didn't have the white-list haha. Mind you, you have synthetic characters! Since an IPCs birth or reactivation often requires another hand (or a stoke of luck should it be some internal back-up supply of power), could you expand on how he came to be reactivated in the scrapyard? Whether some spark of electricity, someone charging him, etc etc? The downside of white-lists applications is that they tend to be a bit spoiler-heavy over a non-whitelist made character!
  12. It may benefit the design to have lighter and darker tones that move away from gray as well! Essentially, adding more contrast. That's my only suggestion!
  13. Sorry for any wait. Sadly I wasn't able to read this in full until yesterday. Apparently long posts and my phone don't get along. Nonetheless, I am willing to accept this application! It demonstrates an understanding of IPCs as well as the greater social issues that surround the race. Welcome to fighting over the Bartender slot.
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