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  1. A snippet of some recent drawings.
  2. niennab

    Niennab's Character Art

    An album of my personal work as well as commissions pertaining to SS13. If you'd like to commission me, feel free to reach out on Discord at Lauren#3847.
  3. I find this statement to be a gross misinterpretation of the series of events. Faye asked for clarification for why someone was chosen over another, stated why she thought Hugh was the better candidate and you took the question to be a personal attack with 0 justification and conducted yourself in a way that a lore deputy shouldn't. Throughout this exchange Faye also stressed that she meant no insult. I think Faye is nonetheless deserving of a trial.
  4. Thank you for your work and I wish you the best in your future endeavors!
  5. I haven't had the time to draw but I've managed to make a few drawings in-between work.
  6. You're a great writer with a good head on your shoulders. I'm certain you can handle the ins and outs of Command. +1
  7. I'm happy to see you've applied for the deputy slot. Your application has my all around support and I think you'd be great for the role. My only question is if you feel you can write under the direction of someone else's vision and how you'll adapt to changes/edits offered by your maintainer.
  8. What I'm afraid of with a suggestion like this is that it's going to be boring for anyone who queues up to be the prisoner and annoying for anyone queued up as the warden. Security seldom roleplays with anyone brigged once they're processed, and I don't blame them for it either. There's usually more going on that interacting with someone in the brig is difficult if not impossible. In the IC context I agree with the sentiment that it doesn't really suite the Aurora as well.
  9. Another dump of images, some from a month ago.
  10. I've been busy with classwork and contracts however beyond secret art, I managed to make this recently.
  11. You are misconstruing my words and taking offense where none is intended. In applying for the position, you are opening yourself to questions and criticisms. The role of a species maintainer involves moderating players and oftentimes keeping a cool head. What I provided were my observations and my thoughts. All things you were (and still are) welcome to offer counter arguments for. However, if this is the tone you’re going to take, then I will have to -1 this application.
  12. During your tenure as the lore deputy, I saw you overwork yourself to the point of crashing and burning. And from the outside looking in, I got the same impression from your work as the previous synthetic maintainer. Will this happen again? While you were the synthetic maintainer, a few changes you made were half implemented and had to be picked up by my team. Barring stationbounds from becoming IPCs is one of them. The ‘Stationbound to IPC’ change was implemented without clarity on if people would be grandfathered in as well as a lack of information as to why in the lore it cannot be possible. I was left with only the information that a megacorporation wouldn’t elevate a stationbound to the status of an IPC. However, since it isn’t concrete, it means that through illegal endeavours or kindness, someone could theoretically spawn in with that background. Right now in the code, a positronic brain can be placed into a stationbound or an IPC without any stated reason for why then that positronic brain cannot then be moved to an IPC chassis. Although my team worked to clarify some of the details left unstated, the project was never resolved due to its complexity as well as other projects taking priority. However I believe even after my tenure, this change remains unresolved and messy. Will you be implementing future changes in the same way? You mention removing the theory of rampancy which, although as a theory it is inconsequential and could be removed, I think this highlights an issue. Is there more that you intend on removing?
  13. I believe this solves a lot of the character creation issues inherent to Burzsia and so we're more than happy to implement it. Accepted, tweaked and implemented. Thank you for your contribution.
  14. Accepted, tweaked and implemented. Thank you for your contribution.
  15. I worry that the role opens itself up for malicious intent over good, or encourages roles like the Captain or Head of Personnel to communicate less with the crew. In the same vein, what if the Captain/Head of Personnel wants no business with the Secretary? If they're smart they'll put them somewhere like the library or cargo, but it could suck for that player. It could possibly be neat as an option that can be activated in round by the Head of Personnel or Captain. Thus those players get to choose if they want a secretary.
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