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  1. I was honestly tempted to bring up the Fabricators area as well. Maybe the wall could be pushed back? I think what bothers me the most is that if I and another Roboticist want to use the Fabricators/print Circuits at the same time, we effectively have to shove past one another.
  2. Bear is a pleasure to roleplay and has a wealth of fascinating, well rounded characters. Additionally, I will always appreciate his kindness when I first started on the server and preformed malpractice on accident. With what I've seen roleplaying with him and his recent endeavors playing AI, I am certain he could also pull off an IPC. +1
  3. Is this any different from right clicking on the tile? Because it still takes quite a chunk of time to load the window. All else fails, I still would like to push for the additional lay out changes.
  4. I don't know if I should post this as a separate topic or in the "MINOR MAPPING SUGGESTIONS [!]" So I apologize for any inconvenience on my end. I figured I would make it it's own thread mostly because it involves quite a bit of table layout changes as well as an additional tool request. Nevertheless. ((On a side note, a big thanks to ShesTrying for grabbing the screenshots for me. The original designs came from her. Since learning them, I apply them to just about every shift I can)) Cyborgification Laboratory (Suggested Changes): To start, I find it frustrating to navigate the current cyborgification lab layout. Mostly due to a lack of table space, I either need to right click and wait or deftly attempt to select the one pixel's worth of wiggle-room I have in order to select the right tool. Worse yet if I am under a time restraint. Main Robotics Laboratory (Suggested Changes): For the main lab, I wanted to suggest moving the secondary fuel tank into maintenance as well as a variety of table layout changes. By effectively pushing the southward tables into the existing window pane, it opens up more space in the lab. Also, the additional tables allow for effectively a circuitry station (top right) as well as a RIG and Mech building station (left most table). In it's current state, there isn't a lot of space for keeping materials on stand by without leaving them on the floor or along the southward table (with can quickly get cluttered). On a side note, with this current layout, we end up putting all of the spare tools in the crate that can be seen under the top right most table. Lastly: Can we get two Cyborg Analyzers in the Robotics lab? I've had a few shifts where Gwendolyn the other Roboticist will mistakenly pocket the cyborg analyzer and leave the laboratory. Although minor, it usually means I need to hound the Roboticist, beg Research and Development to print another, or rely on the IPC's/Cyborg's Diagnostics system. Having two would just smooth things out a bit more! (Plus, each Roboticist could keep one in their pocket if they need to diagnose on the go!) Lastly, can we get a box of body bags in the cyborgification bay? Thank you for looking over this thread and thank you for your consideration!
  5. Carlton Burke and Cera Rivers Fernando Gonzales
  6. I didn't get to RP with Vesper much, maybe only once, but knowing your capabilities as a role-player, I wanted to. Flotsam is sad that he didn't get the chance to put a tip in the jar for her while on shift.
  7. Cnaym is an incredibly friendly and well rounded role-player. I will always appreciate their willingness to rope me into the conflict when I first started on the server (you bastard). Having RPed plenty with Kaiser as of late, I am also confident they could easily roleplay an IPC. I enjoyed reading your character's backstory. There's something fascinating about an IPC working in a typically emotion/trauma saturated role and yet being synthetic all the same. Nonetheless I am curious to see how they will be played. +1
  8. As someone who has been playing a Roboticist as of late, I enjoy the idea of adding more to the IPCs in terms of internals and their mechanics and what it might mean for slow shifts. I have noticed as well that often as a Roboticist doing repairs on IPCs or Cyborgs, the process will often take seconds where as there is a larger process Surgery on a human. Which causes me to repair said IPC and have them race out the door within seconds with very little RP involved. However, I don't blame people when this occurs, as I understand no one wants to wait around in Medical or, if there are pressing matters, sit on the sideline. Suffice to say however, there have been some shifts where I do nothing because of this, (however I must admit I have been liking the slower pace compared to working Medical.) I have a bit of concerns surrounding Nanopaste however. As is, Nanopaste is a bit hard to acquire in Robotics depending on the shift. I understand not being able to make a mech or rig without a Scientist online but without one, Robotics is without Nanopaste as well. Or, if I have a particularly busy or comms neglectful Scientist, I often either do not get nanopaste or am forced to wait a stretch of time. What I wanted to suggest was Robotics having the ability to print Nanopaste or starting the shift with two. (Also can we get two cyborg analyzers in the lab?) The nerf to Nanopaste is tough for me to put to words because being new to Robotics and IPCing, I don't know if it's good or bad. In it's current state, a heavy battered IPC could require 1.5 full bottles of Nanopaste to address damage whereas with the nerf, that could turn into plenty more. Will the addition of servos, coolant and whatnot reduce the need for Nanopaste? Me dum. Me no know nanopaste no need.
  9. I've been bogged down with my professional freelance work so I apologize for those waiting on commissions. In the meantime, here was a quick Flotsam sketch I did with my free time. Flotsam
  10. This is a bit hard for me to bring up considering I tend to shy away from confrontation but having role played with Faith Windsor and somewhat Nietzsche, I am worried. When a player makes a mistake or is too slow, the bickering and ruthless criticism from Faith Windsor, is often a mood ruiner. I have also seen you turn autism into a means of an insult as Faith Windsor, causing for further concern from me. It came to me as a surprise when I learned that you played Roy, considering that I learned a lot from Roy as a Medical Resident here and there and I am hugely appreciative of that. Although my -1 likely doesn't mean anything at this point, I did want to address my perception so far nonetheless.
  11. Borya comes across as a creative and well-rounded player with a deep understanding of the lore. I am excited to see them play a skrell and I am confident they can do so swimmingly. +1
  12. BYOND Key: Niennab Character Names: Finley Greyson (Surgeon), Morgan Day (Miner) Species you are applying to play: Baseline Frame IPC What color do you plan on making your first alien character: IPC Have you read our lore section's page on this species?: Yes Please provide well articulated answers to the following questions in a paragraph format. One paragraph minimum per question. Why do you wish to play this specific race: (One paragraph minimum) I have always found fascination in the way that IPCs converse but more importantly, the history and political backdrop that surrounds them as a race. Given the unique background of IPCs, it also presents an entirely different range of backstories and role-playing opportunities I'd like to explore. Something in particular I'd like to explore is how they're able to survive and thrive in this world despite not being considered people, and instead property. Additionally, I find it interesting that a player will need to filter the way they put their thoughts to words or feel when playing a synthetic. A race that feels no pain and emulates emotions will think and problem solve issues much differently than a human would. Identify what makes role-playing this species different than role-playing a Human: Similar to what was stated above, an IPC is different from role-playing as a human both in the way they speak but as well as how they interpret the world around them. Where as a human might be ruled by their emotions in a given situation, an IPC would think more objectively. Also, the social differences that influence the characters personalities are going to be vastly different from IPC to human, opening up a different way of role-playing. One such example would be the question of sentience as well as the political issue surrounding their identity as property. IPC are treated and paid less compared to their human counterparts, while also requiring less for sustainment in terms of housing and sustenance (or lack thereof). Character Name: Flotsam Please provide a short backstory for this character Sarah Nievan, born in Sol, moved to Tau-Ceti with her family. Marrying too young, the marriage eventually ended in disaster and she left Tau-Ceti. Returning to Sol, Sarah Nievan studied at Mars University, obtaining their PhD and gaining employment as a Scientist for NanoTrasen. Having endured a painful divorce, Sarah sought companionship amidst her day to day routine, opting for an IPC of her own. Looking for company and eventual extra set of working hands, Sarah purchased a positronic brain with the hope of eventually saving up for a baseline frame to host it. And so, more or less, without a body but not without a mind, Flotsam was born into the world. In it's early life, Floatsam started out as a glorified desk ornament and conversation companion before, once provided with a spider-bot body, moving on to basic tidying and organizational duties. It was once Sarah had saved up enough credits and purchased a dated Baseline frame, Sarah had succeeded in creating a personalized and affordable servant. From there, Flotsam was programmed with an understanding of Robotics and was hired on at the Aurora, providing a secondary source of credits for miss Nievan as well as an understanding of maintaining itself. Despite meeting workplace safety standards, the use of second-hand parts leaves Flotsam with plenty of room for improvement at the hands of its owner. Ironically, Flotsam has been employed as roboticist, fabricating top-of-the-line Nanotrasen-approved prosthetics and robotics equipment while equipped with its own dated hardware. Floatsam has been programmed with a keen attention to detail. However, what this has also amassed is an obsessive need for spotless and tidy work spaces as well as an almost parental concern over it's creations. Flotsam carries themselves in an often quiet contemplation and will often converse with it's creations, despite the sentience not being shared. What do you like about this character? I am very excited to play a race that is beyond the standard Human or Off-Worlder Human. In addition to that, I'm excited to see how being owned by a player character will make for interesting roleplay, both within and outside of antag roles. Although partly unrelated, I am excited to learn Robotics. So far in coming to the server, I have only learned Medical and so I would love to play the other departments. Lastly, roleplaying with IPCs such as Scalpel, Akila Jaethia, Sterben and Copper have provided endless inspiration for me to eventually feel the need to create a white-list for myself. How would you rate your role-playing ability? I consider myself a 7/10. I have done a lot of roleplaying over the years outside of SS13 and I like to hope that my characters are well-rounded and realistic. I do however notice that my characters tend to speak with similar mannerisms and so it is my hope with delving into the other races that I can improve this element of roleplaying.
  13. You guys are killing me. Thank you for all the interest in my art as well as commissioning me. For now, I think I am going to close commissions so that I can get through the batch that I have received! In the meantime, here's Captain Cera Rivers.
  14. TO: CCIA, NTCC Odin. FROM: Finley Greyson, Surgeon, NSS Aurora SUBJECT: RE: Incident Report -------------------- BODY: I, Finley Greyson, would like to rescind the IR Request. -------------------- DTG: 15-08:28-TAU CETI STANDARD-07-2019 SIGN: F Greyson
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