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  1. Unfortunately I am going to have to ask for more. The reason for whitelist applications is ultimately to demonstrate that you know the lore, but you're also able to apply the existing lore in terms of character generation. As it stands the answers as well as character backstory are too bare bones. Denied for now but you're welcome to reapply in 3 days at the minimum. In the meantime, I recommend reading other accepted applications. A few of my favorites include:
  2. Could we also add suit sensors to the load out? I think other servers have it. But yes I am all for the ringtone. The second it dawned on me that I'd have to set it every round, I gave up on it.
  3. Sherman is a great role-player and as far as I've seen, level headed in high stress situations. I am certain they can handle a command whitelist. Moreover, nothing has me more delighted than seeing more Golden Deep representation. +1
  4. As it stands the application is a bit bare bones. Could you greatly expand on both the backstory as well as this question here? Some points of interest can be the manufacturing company, location, the characters aspirations as well as any conflict or points of note that effectively forge the character or start their story.
  5. They're open! IRU-Retrospect
  6. To echo the sentiments above, I would be incredibly wary of having you onboard the team. While acting as the synthetic deputy you were generally inactive, had no projects, wouldn't respond to me and were constantly getting into arguments with the other team members. I spent a fair share of my time early on as the maintainer not doing maintainer duties, but reigning you in. Remarks I should add that were never responded to until you decided to resign. When I took you on as synth deputy you said you changed, and after a week or two it became apparent that you hadn't. As such I am afraid that you're doing the same again. I recommend contributing as a player and proving that you've changed before applying. Given that skrell and synthetic teams often have to work together, I do not feel comfortable working with you.
  7. Zekuvazh Guwan Zentiment Bleeding Sentiment I've made an official twitter for my 2D stuff if you want to follow me: https://twitter.com/laowrart
  8. Stephen Yates Likho Robert Dunham
  9. Good point. The only reason they're not there is because I copied this layout from forensics and moved it around in photoshop. I think it'd be nice to keep the blue tiles as well.
  10. ((I don't know if this counts as a minor mapping suggestion so I apologize)) I wanted to propose a change to the medical morgue. As it presently stands there are too many trays, even on the most murder-bone of rounds and the autopsy lab could use a bit of love. As a Forensic Technician, if a body is already in medical's care, it is sometimes more convenient for me to utilize the autopsy lab in the medical sub levels. This is especially the case if I am pressed for time or I do not feel comfortable moving a cadaver through the main hallway to my lab. The currently lab is, in my opinion small and the lack of a full-body scanner sometimes makes it a struggle. Where as the Forensic's autopsy room is honestly PERFECT. I love it from both a convenience and aesthetic outlook. As a side note, my suggested layouts aren't perfect. For something aesthetically pleasing we might want to adjust the exterior walls of the room. You are welcome to completely do something else with my proposed ideas below. A sink should be placed somewhere too (which I forgot). As a side note, feel free to keep the blue and white tiling. It's only gone due to the way I fabricated the proposed changes in Photoshop. The present morgue: Suggestion 1 ((You lose the extra table that is in the forensic's autopsy lab but that isn't too bad)) Suggestion 2 ((In favor of keeping the tables I extended the glass partition, however the four morgue trays seems unnecessary)) Thanks for your time!
  11. Thank for applying! A fairly simplistic backstory but one that is nonetheless grounded, well written and offers an understanding of IPCs. Keep in mind you can also add varying flavour to the character. If say they developed a particular interest in a hobby, concept or idea in their time being active thus far. Or, the ideas surrounding their existence and subservience to organics. Accepted.
  12. This statement simply isn't true and can be proved quite easily below. Here is a screenshot of the manifest 15 minutes into the round. Not bad. A typical roster for any lowpop hour, secret included. One hour into the round. Look at the vast increase of players, on lowpop extended no less. Three hours into the round, just as the shuttle was called. More players. Extended is crucial for learning, character development and creative writing. Secret isn't and never never will be heavy roleplay.
  13. Personally I've found low pop secret to have the same small pool of people, just a few different faces. Its simply lowpop hours and I don't think we can really do anything other than desperately try to retain any new players from those hours. The same line of reasoning could be applied to a player looking to play extended. Extended also picks up, also. It's slow to start but people trickle in.
  14. I think this is an incredibly poor decision and only seems to favor people who hate extended. I've found that the reason people vote to end a round is in order to leave and go about their day whilst others are voting to get in. Which means that anyone who is logging on fresh to a new server, ready to get in on the next round will find that the gamemode they want is pulled from them completely. Without even the chance to try. If you want this to work, make it apply to secret and it will force players to not feel as though they have to vote for the winning horse (only voting for secret) over say merc, malf, etc. I however remain completely opposed to this proposal. If people want to vote extended. Let's them vote extended. We have already seen a decrease in extended following the antag draft. Why make it worse? What about when lore devs want to run an event on extended but there was just am extended the round before?
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