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  1. Thank you for applying! More for my understanding, what do you mean by this line? Onto the backstory, I am a bit wary of the use of what is essentially game terminology and ss13-isms in a backstory. The example being the word traitor, a massive school of xenofauna, and the murder of a Captain. What I would recommend is instead changing the narrative to avoid said isms. One recommendation I have is that instead two crewmembers got into a verbal dispute that turned physical and when Response intervened, the two crewmembers struck Response (whether intentional or not) and later blamed the damages on the unit having gone rogue. In the same vein I think you can simplify how he was handed off in that he was merely salvaged and auctioned as a defunct unit, etc etc. You mention a second security unit but where were they during the events? How much was Response filled in to his previous memories/existence, if at all? How does Response feel about having been memory wiped? What are their views on their existence and worth?
  2. Hello! Thank you for applying but I want to first ask that you play a few rounds on the server before proceeding with a whitelist application. You're welcome to reapply with the same application when you do. As such, I'll deny this application for now.
  3. The intent behind a whitelist application should be to demonstrate to the related lore teams that you've read the lore and are able to apply it to character creation. Although I am willing to offer small suggestions and information where mistakes are made, I shouldn't be providing all the answers in a player's application. Moreover although your character might not understand why something has occurred, the backstory requires answers to these questions. Such as where the brain or chassis came from and what caused it to be salvaged. Due to the account being so new, the application barebones and within it a few mistakes (IPCs can't acquire a Solarian citizenship), I will deny you for now. You are welcome to reapply in 3 days. I recommend trying to roleplay with the station IPCs and familiarizing yourself with the server's grander lore. If you have any questions you're welcome to reach out to either @The Stryker or @Tailson, my deputies.
  4. If say Charlotte were owned by a company or a private owner who was disinterested in granting the IPC their freedom, they would need to pursue the legal route of paying back their value 10 times over. Not to worry though. Thank you for the tweaks and clarifications. Your application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs. Accepted.
  5. The backstory is rather barebones and calls for a two paragraph minimum. Can you expand upon it? Although I have no issue with new accounts applying for whitelists, I typically expect more than usual given the inability to really know or read how that person might fit or act in the community as a whole. Moreover, can you expand upon this question here? Where did Duncan acquire the positronic brain for Mark? Did Duncan die in Tau Ceti space? If not how did Mark make it there without being repossessed by the Solarian government?
  6. Thank you for applying! I'll never turn away an extensive backstory if you want to expand upon it. Nonetheless. It may work better conceptually if Charlotte was commissioned from Terraneus Diagnostics, due to the complexities of making a shell, let alone a shell that perfectly resembles another human. Unless the idea is that she's more of a hodgepodge of differing and old shell parts. Since Callum owns Charlotte, he wouldn't technically need to set aside any credits to pay for her freedom but instead he'd simply need to grant it to her. Moreover I was curious what you meant by this? As the only way an IPC can acquire their citizenship in Tau Ceti is either by enlisting in the TCFL or through the Golden Deep.
  7. Oddly enough I do not deviate from the security uniform other than differing ways of accessorizing it. In order to wear a different bowtie as Sentiment, (since the Idris tie is already on the Idris uniform) I instead wear a white dress shirt so the two don't overlap. Beyond that I will wear differing scarves, pins, bowties, ties, hats, gloves, shoes, badges, armbands etc.
  8. Thank you for clarifying. Your application demonstrates an understanding of IPCs. Accepted.
  9. A lot of rounds do not have a Head of Security. I have also had to stop Officers in the past from handing over the voidsuit at round start, not realizing how much it could ruin the department's ability to hand carp or hivebots. I would rather see it removed from the bounty list.
  10. Reporting Personnel: Z.I.Brandon Job Title of Reporting Personnel: Security Officer (Zavod) Game ID: b9e-ahaU Personnel Involved: Sergey Tarkov, Warden (Zavod) - Offender Z.I.Principality.#0.2, Security Officer (Zavod) - Witness Secondary Witnesses: - Marshal Burns, Chief Engineer I requested Chief Engineer Burns’ assistance when Warden Sergey Tarkov refused to arm the department. I was later told by the Chief Engineer that he told Tarkov to arm us, which was ignored until told a second time in person. Time of Incident: Approx. 12:30AM Real Time: (E.g 0241GMT 9/20/20) Location of Incident: Outside of the Armory Nature of Incident: [ x ] - Workplace Hazard [ ] - Accident/Injury [ ] - Destruction of Property [ x ] - Neglect of Duty [ ] - Harassment [ ] - Assault [ ] - Misconduct [ ] - Other Overview of the Incident: Midway through the shift the department was alerted to the presence of spiders. Not long after a white spider was reported outside of cryogenics on the surface. I requested that the team was armed as we had no medical personnel at the time. Warden Tarkov instead waited till the code was raised to yellow and told the officers to engage in the white spider with their pistols. Tarkov was generally non communicative as myself and Principality waited by the Armory. We were then alerted to another, brown, spider. While the white spider was dealt with by an officer (armed only with a pistol), due to Tarkov’s negligence, the second and the third reported spider had to be dealt with by the crew instead of the security department. When pressing Tarkov to arm the department, he eventually came to the Armory and instead informed us: “Use your fucking gun. Or what is the point.". Ignoring the sheer danger when combating a spider armed only with a pistol. This action alone put not only the crew, but the organic officers on shift at risk of being injured, as there were still no medical personnel at this time. It was at this point I requested Chief Engineer Marshal Burn’s assistance, our only member of command that shift. It was later in the shift that I was informed that Marshal Burns told Tarkov to arm the department, only to learn that Tarkov still had not done so. It was only after Marshal Burns spoke to Tarkov in person that he armed one officer with a rifle, intentionally refusing to arm both Principality and myself. By this point the danger had passed. Submitted Evidence: Attached below is a recorded transcript from the incident. Irreverent conversation crossed out.: Did you report it to a Head of Staff or a superior? If so, who? If not, why?: I reported it to Chief Engineer Marshal Burns. Actions taken: Warden Tarkov was forced to arm the department, doing so only after being told a second time and by the time the danger had passed. Additional Notes: ((I might have the in game time wrong))
  11. Thank you for expanding on the application. I was curious what you mean by this however? Anything that would assure the synthetic's destruction or shutdown would go against the self preservation directive.
  12. Given the NBT, is this work ultimately going to amount to nothing once replaced?
  13. The cost of IPC frames as well as positronic brains has been detailed on the wiki: https://wiki.aurorastation.org/index.php?title=IPC#Physiology For ease of reference, the numbers are as follows:
  14. Hello, thank you for applying. Can you expand on the backstory? As is, it's bare bones and the application calls for a two paragraph minimum. Moreover I have a few questions pertaining to the backstory: What chassis is he? Who manufactured him, and why? How did they acquire the parts if he wasn't manufactured by a company? What were these dubious groups? Why were they dubious? Is he free now? Owned? Moreover, can you expand on this question here?
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