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Customizable Attack Emotes

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This is an idea that is a bit unnecessary, but also something that I think would be rather interesting, if included.

Basically, it's a way to attack someone in a more role-play oriented way. It's initiated in the same way that the give command is, you stand next to them, and they receive a message, "_____ would like to perform an RP attack on you." The attack will damage the selected person on the selected limb, with the set damage for whatever weapon they are using. This attack can also be performed on yourself. The only thing that's different, is that the red text for the attack is customized to better fit the role-play by the attacker.

For example, if someone is causing self harm within the role-play for a cult, or whatnot, rather than the text reading something along the lines of, "____ stabs themselves in the right arm!" the text could read, "____ drags the scalpel along his arm, groaning as he cuts into his own flesh."

Or, perhaps, if someone is intent on killing another within the role-play, "____ slams _____'s face with his knee, knocking him to the floor. _____ begins repeatedly stomping on his head," blah blah blah. Or, if you really wanted, you could to a separate RP attack for each action.

Like I said, not really necessary, but a kinda neat possibility in my opinion. Anyways, have a good one!

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Weapons already have their own special attack verbs, however, it'd be fairly easy to find a way to let people set their attack verbs for unarmed combat.

The question is, do we want to?

(And for the rest, yeah, I'm gonna say these are things that should be emoted.)

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