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Warlord Recruitment and Structure

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Even though I have no characters from the Human wildlands, since I don't want a colettish character and the other two factions are despised and wouldn't make sense to be aboard the horizon (SRF especially), I have always found the wildlands fascinating. My newest query which I couldn't wrap my head around was: How do the FSF recruit and replenish their losses? Do they function just as the PMCG does or do they retain the strict Solarian Navy structure? What would one need to do to be recruited by the FSF/barrred from entering service? And where does the FSF get new ships, if they even get new ships at all?

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They likely do not really replenish losses like crew and ships in traditional senses as i doubt there are alot of shipyards readily available outside of San Collette. Its implied the FSF keep to a Navy structure in terms of onboard operations despite the fact they tend to act somewhat decentralised.

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This is best answered by someone in the lore team, but generally it depends much on each Solarian wildlands state/warlord - people who enlist in the Solarian navy occupied by one of the warlord states will likely be enrolled into that military, - It wouldn't be remiss to say the SSMD gets a new batch of recruits from Visegrad, or there's always enlisted looking for money or adventure aboard the FSF. - meanwhile I'm pretty sure the SRF just forcefully conscripts people if they need or want to. Whether or not they also have the capability to train these new sailors, marines, ect. Is up for debate. 

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I imagine ship replenishment mostly comes from theft and commandeering for those factions that are willing to do it, and doesn't happen otherwise, seeing as manufacturing ships is hard and buying ships means talking to a corporation

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