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HOW DOES BIRB: The Lack of Direction for the Vox

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As discussed in a player complaint earlier, the idea and premise of the Vox Involiate was done away for whatever reason. It had pretty clear, outlined rules on how Vox should act and react, and regards on validkilling.

However, we no longer have this system, and Vox can be played any way a person desires. At which point, they can either be traders or unrestrained killers, or whatever else.

Since we did away with that system, most players are confused on how they should behave regarding confrontation.


So there is no clear thing set in stone how Vox should be played, as I tend to agree, since people have asked this question before. Are Vox just turkey version of raiders that are cowards, or are they more ballsy? I know bay's lore that they are meant to disarm, take cover, rather than to get into conflict unless it is absolutely needed, but here, there was never a settled agreement what Vox are suppose to do. (As far as I am aware.)


I'm up for suggestions and for discussion, given this is a lore issue as well.

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