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[Denied] XanderDox's Custom Item Request: Membership Coin

Guest XanderDox

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BYOND Key: XanderDox

Character name: Niklaus Lux

Item name: Orchid Society Coin

Why are your characters carrying said item to work?

These characters carry this item to work because they are a member of what is called 'The Orchid Society' , basically a group of both wealthy business people, bureaucrats, and intellectual minds that strive to maintain the groups overall wealth, by doing occasional criminal acts. The Society also protects their members, and they use the coins as a method to identify one another, as meetings are never with the entire Society at once, so few members except the prominent ones actually know who is who.

Item function(s): Instead of flipping like a coin, I'd like something like the badge flash, since this is used to identify members of the 'Orchid Society' it'd be nice if it said: '[name] holds up a coin with OS engraved onto it'

If this is too annoying to do, the regular old coin flipping thing is fine too.

Item description: A platinum coin with obsidian detailing. 'OS' is imprinted in the middle of the coin in obsidian.

Item appearance: Icon is riiight here!

Additional comments:

This custom item is going to be used to help further the IC portion of the 'Godswood Death Game' , and it'd be appreciated if this could be added soon if it's going to be done, even though I know you guys are loaded with work :$

Thanks for taking the time to read my application!

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I'd be willing to accept this application. Already have an icon for it yourself, has significance to the character, and could create a modicium of RP. Consider your application accepted. I will now lock and archive the thread, and [Processing] will be added to the title. Once that's changed to [Completed], then the item will be ready for your use.

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