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Round cmU-c8bm

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The round in which the revolution game mode ended up with the Horizon having fired on Crevus rather than the target Din'akk mountains, splitting the crew loyalty in two, causing massive disputes, calling in two different ghost teams to board the vessel armed, spurred mutineers breaching the command bunker and colliding with the ERT that arrived just short of saving the captains life. Golden round in my book. Far too little medical personnel.

Final death-count I believe to be 2 command members, 2 ERT members, 1-2 prisoners, plus 5-6 other crewmen.
Add to that the evacuation by the ghost-teams of probably 6-8 crewmen.
Special shout-out to the first responder that was SSD 80% of the round and didn't see any action at all.

Here are some images from the round-chat



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