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  1. Agree with the other commenters. In-game player issue-handling is just fine the way it is, any possible issue is between the player in question and the staff handling them. I don't want my issues discussed with other random players just because they reported it, neither do I want staff to feel obligated to do so in any way. I can understand the curiosity and need for closure, but it just can't be handled via policy in my mind, and I'd rather leave it open as-is than try to. For tickets in general and that discussion, I can only provide a slight bit of critique regarding one (1) of my own pe
  2. I am already excited to see it "in person", but my AI mind is noticing a lack of holopads for BUDDY to swim from, please don't forget those before you finalize
  3. Multistamp, any stamp that exists on station. Just all encryption keys, but only two active at a time.
  4. I don't get what the IC reason even is to bring anything research related off the actual research station. In fact, I don't think there is any reason to take anything other than personal items off Aurora, except through the cargo shuttle made for exactly that. The security checkpoint should in an ideal situation enforce that crewmen leave all non-personal times behind because why the hell should they bring it! It is not your items just because you have worked with them, they are assets and property of the NSS Aurora. Instead of rewording the policy you are referencing, I would prefer
  5. So I am sure many others have thought of this already but here goes. Right now we have a very strange string of hijacked drones hitting our stations, but these are fairly simple.. easy to handle right? They don't do much. What if we opened the possibility for a new special ghostrole (like 10% chance) to spawn a 'Syndicate-hacked Maintenance Drone', a drone that can only spawn after such an event has triggered. Its purpose is not to destroy the station, but to spread a special spyware program, by running around to APC's and manually turning them blue -- pretty obvious, and yet not tru
  6. I haven't really had any pleasant interactions with this gamemode yet. I can see the issues. Maybe adding bluespace bears as allies to the revenants that spawn in as the event intensifies could fix everything? *hopeful bear noises*
  7. I am all in for getting expanded events like that, if anyone is willing to code them. Hivebots are cool, so anything that makes them even more dangerous or spawn more frequent/in new ways is nice.
  8. This thread died a long time ago but hows about we get inspiration from Rimworld and sometimes exchange the unusual container for an unusual lifepod, which contains a random hostile, neutral or friendly creature - such as an unique pet, a giant spider, or something else that's a little wild.
  9. Playing a traitor AI I can see how I have the potential to hog the spotlight, but so far I don't think I have done something like that and I don't plan to. I try hard to identify other antags before I do anything (not talk to, just knowing), and I am rarely opposed to aiding them if they ask for it.
  10. I actually like and can see the merit in all of these suggestions. Even if the developers don't find them suitable, I think it's nice that you collected them Danse 👍
  11. Given what we can do with other implants I see no issue in this. Except whether it is worth the development cost.
  12. Had a pleasant shift with the HoP character as BUDDY this round. She exhibited what I have come to expect from my dear command minions (heh); responsibility for her department, ability to communicate and an openness to interact with both antag and non-antag characters. +1 from me
  13. I know. Maybe I'm just uncreative but I feel going to the lengths of cremating somebody as an antag just to make it harder for the rest of the crew to realize something is wrong, is a bit much.
  14. Also, to actually answer the suggestion I do not have anything against moving the morgue upstairs in the medical room. It is more easily accessible from an antag by maintenance for those that use it, and I can see the application if someone actually requests non-religious cremation as part of their medical record.
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