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  1. Didn't see this whole thread before, but reading it over I think it's worth pursuing so I'll bump it up with my thoughts. What would be really cool, is a verb in the AI Commands which I can push saying 'Code Delta' , which pops up a confirmation box stating if I can confirm that the disk has been missing for X minutes, that no non-interim captain is active and that to the best of my knowledge the disk is in the hands of unauthorised personnel. Then confirming this, it auto-sends an EBS to central command and actually changes my lawset to deal with this until the Code is called off. B
  2. I am very much a supporter of Lordnesh' AI mindset. In order to cultivate good AI players it's necessary to teach how giving antags leeway benefits the round in the long-term. The round becomes much more fun for all if the antag succeeds in getting the spare ID, or if they manage to get their hostage, or if they manage to slip your cameras. I am personally against any further nerfs to the AI, I think we're already reducing it to something unworthy. But policy wise, or law wise, I'm game for changes. I don't mind having to provide evidence in the form of images, if that's what it takes, or
  3. I really like the first design, it seems practical for the entire department without being too intimidating for antags. Have you taken a look on my suggestion on this forum which is exactly a research oriented vault for highly classified (pure rp) research data and interesting round-start items?
  4. Alright so having read your reply and thinking it over for some time I retract my suggestion to make it random. Cool as it might be, it doesn't make sense from a practical PoV. We should consider that both the Captain and RD are to work with and protect this, if it changes each round we'd have to also spawn a treasure map in the offices, which defeats the purpose. I still do not agree with the AI thing, you are saying that NT expects the AI to be hacked, and that's kinda on a meta level. I mean, the AI is expected to keep the SAT hidden from even command staff, and if you feel it is again
  5. Yes, but NT needs to be confident that it's properly defended, so the first antag with meson glasses wont find it and take 4 minutes to deconstruct the reinforced wall. I think we need a bit more security to validate its existence. I can see what you are going for with the secret location thing though, protected by the bioscanner. If it is just regularly hidden in a relatively easily accessible location, then every round someone will happen to walk into it and loudly wonder over comms what it is, don't you think? I did consider another and pretty cool solution, it becomes a part of the ma
  6. I imagined the research sublevel or near the AI core, under command. The command section is the logical choice, but I consider that research sublevel may be good for now having it all in the same place.
  7. I love that bioscanner idea, it brings a new challenge and really fits the theme of the protected server. I do think the silent alarm thing needs to be a bit.. louder given the security breach. A PDA message is easily lost, but I see what you mean about an announcement not being made. I do believe your choices for the access is good, there is no reason anyone should enter that place without a captain or RD, and it underlines its value for antags. I disagree with keeping the AI out of the loop, what would the reason be? It is already trusted more than most of the crewmembers, has a dire
  8. Played a round with his consular as AI. While I did not have the pleasure of hearing him speak to his lore in person, I did enjoy him taking a stand against both the HoS and Captain to demand the respect he was due as a consular. Incidentally I totally agreed with him and his complaints, it was a pleasure to see the role being played as the arrogant V.I.P it really is. Cudos to the tomato-thrower as well for exposing this relationship as well. Command side they convinced me of their role, +1 for that. Other than that I cannot say I recognize his characters, and I haven't interacted with
  9. +1 as well. I feel like I handle the role well, I have fun playing it and I genuinely believe I make the rounds better for people, both antags and non-antags. It is very disheartening to hear talk of people wanting to remove the role entirely, or slicing off game elements because of some problem players, when what they need is to be confronted by admins that explain what they are doing wrong. I don't actually use it much myself, if at all, but I like having the option for those scenarios where it is relevant. It felt like a good addition.
  10. Played station intelligence with them this round, they were naturally a bit inexperienced, but they tended their duties with care and interest. I felt that they had their department well in hand, without being a lone island. I'm so far convinced that they'll make a good addition to the command staff +1 from me
  11. The AI would likely be able to read the contents of the server, as a measure to ensure integrity. Whether the RD and Captain would have this knowledge is a lore-question I feel. On one hand they are both high-classed and highly-trusted command members, but specifically the RD is not loyalty implanted or such, which is controversial given how deep an insight they are supposed to have into NT goals and priorities. I would leave the question up for debate. Personally I would be thrilled if whoever implements this would add something unique as well, unusable objects are a good idea, as lon
  12. The Premise We are the premier research facility for the entire NT corporation, yet our best research room is 2x3 meters accessible by cutting an ID wire? Antags are having a hard time justifying targeting us as a research station at all, since their best bet at playing this out is stealing our research by jamming data disks into the console in R&D and just copying whatever the smarties have managed to do so far. That doesn't really make sense to me, so I suggest we implement an actual vault-like server room with some actual valueable research hidden inside. The Mapping
  13. It's my favorite and its still around, I got it just a few days ago. "You must question everything" opens up some interesting interpretations. And I agree that rework is better than removal, I generally just want more surprises with the events, which is why I suggested turning off announcements for a chunk of them. Knowing immediately what's going on ruins the surprise, and not all of them makes sense for central to keep tabs on.
  14. How about we try a few rounds where we disable automatic announcements altogether, (with few exceptions like rad storm) so no warnings are given at all unless crew report them and command/AI proceed to make it into an announcement? I really like us trying to key in ghost roles to new events if possible, I like the idea of a critical patient being sent to Aurora medical ICU via bluespace due to X reason.
  15. All interactions with Khaled have convinced me that he is a good player and roleplayer. +1
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