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[Accepted] Kal'Tiiv, Tajaran city on Adhomai

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Type: City

Founding/Settlement Date: Not certain on an exact date here, but it would have been before space-faring culture came to Adhomai

Region of Space: Adhomai, S'Rand'Marr

Controlled by: Human corporations, with the Kal'Tiiv family as the 'Tajaran face' of the corporation

Other Snapshot information:

- Due to common contact with space faring traders and non-Tajara races, Tradeband is a common second language for most residents

- The most common occupations in Kal'Tiiv are fishers, traders, miners, and mechanics

- The current 'mayor' of Kal'Tiiv is Rala Kal'Tiiv, a female Njarir'Akran and Hharaar mix

Long Description:


Space Port & Ocean Harbour

Kal'Tiiv was first formed in (Enter date here) as a small sea-side fishing camp, owned by a nobleman named Ko'Zhan Kal'Tiiv, it's location chosen due to the natural terrain - The proximity of the ocean, where they could fish, and open wilderness, where they could hunt for food when fishing was low. Ko'Zhan, his family, and the 'lesser' Tajara under his servitude made up the population of this settlement, though this population was quick to start growing when rumors started spreading of the quantity and quality of Kal'tiiv's fish. As population grew over the next three years, Kal'Tiiv quickly became a small town of not only fishermen, but merchants, smiths, shipwrights, and other Tajaran laborers, with the Kal'Tiiv family in charge of it all. They directed the construction of fishing and trading vessels, organization of land-based trading caravans, the production of supplies, even going so far as sending laborers out to break up the ice and create viable pathways for sea faring vessels through areas that were frozen over. From there, the town quickly became a common trading point for other nearby towns and settlements, and rumors continued to spread of the pride and joy of Kal'Tiiv: The fish, which was commonly served to noblemen of neighbouring territories.

Some time down the line, shortly after first contact with humans and as uprisings were beginning, the Kal'Tiiv family recognized the growing unrest with those that lived in and worked for the growing city. In an attempt to curb any uprisings, knowing that it would be a losing battle if they tried to fight it, they instead announced to the city they would work with them to 'build a better Adhomai' and 'work for their freedom', with the backing and assistance of human corporations interested in picking up control of Kal'Tiiv. The family remained as the 'face' that guided the city, but otherwise let it go in its own direction (Really, letting the corporations direct the flow of everything).

Today, Kal'Tiiv is a bustling, industrialized port city situated on the edge of the sea. Everything within this city is co-run by human corporations, and the still influential Kal'Tiiv family - However, the Kal'Tiiv family is mostly just a frontal face for the corporation that really controls the trading, fishing, and mining operations in the area. Kal'Tiiv is a common place for space-faring traders to conduct their business, and Tradeband is a commonly taught and practiced language for Tajara in the city as a result. The city's most notable feature is the Kal'Tiiv Space Port and Ocean Harbour (Commonly called the 'Spoh' by residents), which, as its name implies, doubles as a trading port and safe harbour for both sea-faring and space-faring vessels.

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I buy in. I've been brainstorming Tajara characters for an app for a while now, and this bit of lore holds potential. This lore would be of great use and reference not only for any character I make, but for any players hoping to come up with a high quality Tajaran.

This city fits into the existing lore and does well to make us think about the impact that human contact had on the Tajara on a much more personal level. Never mind sweeping generalizations about the entire race. This shows us how contact changed a specific city. It also opens the door to thinking about how the other cities responded. Is Kal'Tiiv the standard by which all other communities changed? I hope this city leads us to new questions as well as new RP.

Kal'Tiiv should be canon. I buy in.

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