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Writing in other languages

Guest XanderDox

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This was just brought up in OOC, basically giving alien whitelisted characters the ability to write in their respect languages, it'd be seen in the same text as people hear when aliens speak other languages, but aliens of their species would be able to read it.

It'd also be cool for like Tradeband and Gutter if say, you could select [Can read/write Tradeband, but not speak] so you'd be able to use it on paper but not vocalize it, and vice-versa.

Just an idea.

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Depends on that language's 'calligraphy.' I always imagine Tajaran to write in kitty cat sandscript.


Unless Sue has something different, Siik'mas is written using Roman characters. Mostly due to the lack of literacy on Ahdomai pre-NT.

There are probably romanticized versions of Siik'mas chracters anyway.

This does sound neat, but I worry that it would be difficult to implement for not-so-much benefit.

Oh yeah plus: "Player-excluding things, yadda yadda, cliques yadda-yadda."

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