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(CLOSED) Review Request - Nikolai Kuznetsov

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Reporting Personnel: Shahar Sraran'Mrakiizar

By Job Title of Reporting Personnel:Operations Manager

Personnel in Question: Nikolai Kuznetsov

Job Title of Personnel in Question: Shaft Miner

Reason for Review:

[ ] - Extended Arrest History

[ ] - Grievous Infraction on Record

[X ] - Other: Possible lack of training.

Notes: During a shift, this one was called to her office by another miner, Yakov Genrikh, to speak with her. He brought forwards concerns that Nikolai would be a liability to bring on the mining trip due to lack of training. He said that Nikolai did not know how to set up their own voidsuit, and needed another miner to do so, and had also said they did not know how to do their job. When this one went to speak to Nikolai, they said that they actually did know how to, but due to these concerns, in addition to Nikolai speaking of mobility issues from atrophy, she ordered them to remain behind and visit medical for an examination. She would like to confirm if Nikolai is properly qualified to be a Shaft Miner or not.

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TO: Shahar Sraran'Mrakiizar, Operations Manager, SCCV Horizon
FROM: Human Resources, AMS, NTCC Odin
SUBJECT: RE: Review Request
Thank you for your report!
This report will now be considered resolved.
DTG: 09:20-TCS-05-08-2465

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