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Sacrifice City (Battle Royale-esque RP)

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A/N: I've always been a huge fan of books that look into the actions of people trapped in a life-or-death situation with other people. Battle Royale still remains one of my favorite novels, along with movies and books of it's nature. I decided to take the general idea of these, and make it a lot less time-restrained. I also hope to make this a lot more player-run than GM-run. This will be done a few ways, as you'll see in the later OOC notes.


You awake rather suddenly, sitting down on your rear. You're outside. Why are you outside? You barely have enough time to sit up and think, before you notice one of the nearby buildings. On it's windows, a screen soon overtakes it, and you're staring at a few men Or, at least you think the person in the middle is a man.

Whoever it is, is wearing a mask that is a solid white color. It doesn't even seem to have holes for a nose or eyes, as if they were just wearing a plain sheet or such on their face. Seated at a rather comfy looking brown-leather chair, behind a sleek, matte black table, the figure seems to be staring straight ahead at you (if the mask is proves where they're looking), as do the three armed men in front of them. The figure behind the mask seems to know that you're awake at least though, and speaks. The voice proves that the mask-wearer is male, with a tone that seems to be a baritone.


"I'm glad to see you're all awake. You're probably asking yourself how you got here, and who I am. Both good questions. Both without answers.


The man pauses for a second, before speaking again, laying his white-gloved hands onto the table. For a second, he leans for a tad bit, and you are able to notice a rather short-cut head of brown hair.


"I can tell you why you're here though. You're here to kill each other, plain and simple. You may notice that it looks like you're just in any average city. Believe though, you're not. This city has been carefully arranged so that you have the ability to grab whatever you need, to survive. Oh, and to hunt, of course. You don't have to kill each other right now, but if you feel like you need to hit somebody, feel free. I have all the time in world though. A week? A month? A year? It doesn't matter to me. Only one, or two if you put on a good show, will survive. Search your pockets, search the buildings. There are no phones, anywhere. No internet access. Nobody knows where this city is, and nobody will be here to save you.


Once again, the figure pauses, glancing at the three men in front of him.


"No. By the end of your stay here at Sacrifice City, you will not be the same person you once were. You'll sacrifice something, should it be your humanity, your innocence, or your life. From today on, you will pray to no God, salute no flag, and praise no celebrity. You can call me Hades, and these men, are my Cerberus. We're here to make sure you enjoy your stay at Sacrifice City. So go, talk to each other. Make some new friends. Then kill them.


The screen flashes off, and you're left with a lot of information that you didn't have before. You're in Sacrifice City, supposedly, and you've just been told you had to kill each other to survive. Great.


OOC Notes:

Sacrifice City has a pre-made map, so that you know where everything is, and what buildings have what. The distances are in miles, and are a bit wonky. The distances primary purpose is to make sure a player knows they're not directly on-top of another building.



(Link: http://i.imgur.com/h4CuP1R.png)

Supplies in Buildings:

Police Station:

3xHandguns(2 shots each), 4xPolice Uniforms, 1xSmall First-Aid Kit (5 Uses/Minor Only), 1xShotgun (1 shot)


Grocery Store:

15xSnack Foods, 8xSmall Food Supplies, 5xMedium Food Supplies, 2xLarge Food Supplies, 3xBasic Bathroom Needs, 3xPainkillers(3 uses), 3xVitamins(3 uses), 10xDrinks



5xSchoolbags (5 items), 2xBasic Cleaning Supplies, 1xSmall First-Aid Kit (5 Uses/Minor Only), 7xSnack Foods, 3xSmall Food Supplies


Dentist Office:

1xAnesthesia Equipment (2 uses), 3xDental Drill, 3xDental Scalpel, 5xPain Killers(3 uses), 4xSyringes, 3xFirst-Aid Kits (5 Uses/Minor+Medium)


Small Pharmacy:

5xSleeping Pills(2 uses), 8xPain Killers(3 uses), 1xSmall First-Aid Kit (5 Uses/Minor Only)


Hardware Store:

25xNails, 3xHammers, 3xMallets, 1xHand Saw, 3xExtension Cords, 4xLong Rope Lengths, 3xUncut Planks of Wood, 2xCrowbar,1xAxe, 1xSledgehammer


Notes About Buildings:

The apartment building has only two apartments, which can both be barricaded. The only items inside, is a twin-sized bed, a couch, a toilet, and a sink (both with running water).

Item Breakdown:


1 Uncut Plank = 4 Cut Planks

2 Snack Foods = 1 Small Food, 4 Small Food = 1 Medium Food, 3 Medium Food = 1 Large Food


Building Effects:

Fully Barricaded Room: Can only be removed with crowbar, axe, or sledgehammer. Can be shot through. If you are inside a barricaded room, you must remove the barricades to be able to leave.

Partially Barricaded Room: Can be removed with a hammer, crowbar, axe, or sledgehammer. Can be shot through. You need to remove barricades to leave.

Closed and Locked Door: Must be lock-picked or broken open. (Locking a door takes one turn)


Only the trailer, city hall, and dentist office (and two apartment rooms) can be barricaded. Barricading costs five nails, and two uncut planks of wood, and one turn. To fully barricade a building, you must barricade both the door and window (one door and one window required, only). Non-fully barricaded rooms still have effects, but are lower than fully barricaded.



Your character should be as unknown OOCly to the other players, as they are ICly. When you make a character, do not post their backstories on the thread, but add them in a PM to myself. If you are seen using an action that requires a skill, without that skill, you will be asked to revise the turn. If you do not, either I will have to do it myself, or your turn will be ignored.

Skills work on a negative, positive basis. To have one perk, you must also have a negative one.


Light Eater: +2 turns until food must be eaten (-4 points, cannot be used with heavy eater), Light Drinker: +2 turns until a drink needs to be drunk (-5 points, cannot be used with heavy drinker), Lockpicker: Able to open locked doors. (-7 points) Inconspicuous: Opposing must add -2 to any rolls to look (Perception) for your character (-3 points, cannot be used with Noticeable) Fast Healer: +1 turn until wound is fully healed (-4 points, cannot be used with Slow Healer), Doctor: Able to get +2 uses from medical supplies (-8 points)



Overweight: -2 to any speed roll (+2 points), Noticeable: Opposing player gets +2 to any rolls to look (Perception) for your character (+3 points, cannot be used with Inconspicuous), Slow Healer: -1 turn until wound is fully healed (+2, cannot be used with Fast Healer), Heavy Eater: -1 turn until food must be eaten (+3 points, cannot be used with Light Eater), Heavy Drinker: -1 turn until a drink must be drunk. (+3 points, cannot be used with Light Drinker)



Base Stats:

Every player starts of with five points in three stats. Strength, perception, and speed. Strength also includes the endurance stat, and determines how much damage you can take, and deal out. Countered with Speed.


1 Strength = 5 HP. 7 Strength = +1 to Strength Attacks. 15 Strength = +2 to Strength Attacks


Items Effected With Strength:

Axe, Crowbar, Sledgehammer, Hammer, Fists, Mallet


Perception determines how well you can see something, or somebody. It also determines how well you can hit your target. A higher perception, means you're more likely to hit somebody.


7 Perception = +2 to Perception rolls. 15 Perception = +3 to Perception Rolls


Speed should be kinda obvious. It determines how fast you're able to move, and dodge attacks. You can't dodge bullets, for obvious reasons. Countered with Strength.


6 Speed = 0.2 distance, per turn (every other speed adds 0.1, up to 0.4, until 8 speed Entering and leaving a building does not require speed check). Speed can be divided up (you can move 0.1 in one direction, then another 0.1 in another, for instance), 8 Speed = 0.5 (cap)




You have turns. This is to avoid one player doing twenty actions, and killing everybody, overnight. A turn is over when everybody completes a turn ending action. If a player fails to complete a turn in a certain time period, their turn will be skipped, unless they have a valid reason.

Turn Ending Actions:

Healing yourself, barricading, using your entire movement, attacking, entering and leaving a building (although not a room).



Food and Water:

Food and water supplies are something that need to be used. You must drink every two turns, and eat every three. If you do not eat and drink after five turns, you will take a -2 to each stat. When your stats each zero due to this, you will die.

Water can be obtained from sinks and toilets, but after a certain amount of turns, the water supply will be shut off.

(Food and water may possibly be 'shipped' in, in case of emergencies. Unknown at the time).


Character Sheet:





Backstory (PM to me, do not post on here:)


When you join, you will be randomly assigned a spawn. You don't pick your own.

I believe I got most of the stuff covered that I want. It will be looked over, and more may be added, to make more sense.

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