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[Denied] Silaris's Metal Respirator.


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BYOND Key:Prospekt1559

Character name:Silaris Uaekis

Item name: Silaris's Metal Respirator.

Why is your character carrying said item to work? It supports his ability to breath the air since he was shot in the lower mouth area burning the mouth area almost off.



Silaris Uaekis, one of the Commanders of the Security Force in NSS Aurora. Recently was a victim of an intrusion into his home where he was brutally attacked by unknown intruders trying to gain confidential information since his job employment consists of carrying valuable security information. In that attack he took a shot through the mouth by a lethal energy carbine carried by the unknown intruders. In doing so Biesel police were called to his apartment in which the intruders escaped failing their attempt to kidnap Silaris Uaekis. He is currently going through surgery and might have to live with a permanent metal respirator like mouth piece. We have information that the shot burned most of his lower mouth area. He requires the respirator to support his breathing abilities. We have yet to get all of the information, this is all Biesel authorities will give us so far.

Item function(s): It's only function is to allow Silaris to breath, if taken off (I'll either rp it or if it can be coded, that would be great) he slowly suffocates since it supports his ability to breath.

Item description: A tightly secured black metal mask that makes a slow breathing noise. When talked through his/her voice is muffled very slightly.

Item appearance: For reference, I know it's a little snowflakey but this is a reference to what it's going to look like or what I hope for it to look like since it's the best way to really describe it. http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/0/04/MalgusHS-Render.jpg

Additional comments: This is purely to get roleplay out of, I like the disadvantage to it with him not being able to breath if taken off/ripped off. It's something I can further my story into and get a lot of roleplay out of most likely.

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Guest Marlon Phoenix

I like. I haven't been on as Sira much lately, but I know it'll be fun to have the two interact after this when Sila gets this. Sila and Sira can swap war wound stories.


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No it doesn't the surgery involved with mouth repair required synthetic flesh, they were able to repair most of his mouth but he still couldn't breath properly. So they gave him a metal respirator which clasps around his mouth and goes up the bridge of his nose just like the picture (Darth Silaris kek). But if anything it muffles his voice very slightly. Alongside that I'd assume they'd be able to install a speaker which transmits from inside to the outside or a sort of gasmask-ish filter type area where he could still be heard.

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