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More ways of acquiring resources.


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I never liked how much getting building materials relied so much on there being people in cargo. You'd either need a QM to buy stuff, or there be miners dragging in iron and sand, refining it and then dragging the stacks back to the station, and even than robotics really puts a monopoly on metal, and science always orders miners to find them diamonds and other rare materials, which some people actually comply to, and spend time finding it. Id like to see other ways of getting metal, and maybe some other materials. You can make grow plastellium in hydroponics, and I know you grind it up and have science to something with it, what they actually do it beyond me, but I think it would be cool if they could make smash proof, plastic windows that were weak to heat and welding torches. Wood is also made of mushrooms, but sometimes botanists are only focused on food mushrooms, so I think it would make sense to be able to grind mushrooms, and then make wood from the resulting mush's mush. Carpet, carpet is a thing that, as far as Ive figured out, cannot be orders or made, so they only way to get it is to harvest it from around the station (which most people frown upon) so I think it should really be able to be made somehow, or at least ordered.

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Carpet is something that should be orderable (I would say made, but that would probably require spriting and coding new plants).

As for the other things, I disagree. Cargo sees limited use enough as it is, and needs more love, not less. Cross-department interaction is a good thing - if every department was entirely independent, there'd be no need for all of them to coexist as a single, coherent work environment. And then there'd be little to no reason to ever leave your lab/office/whatever.

And I don't get the point of giving botanists a different way to make mushrooms when they already have one?

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