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Incident Report 24/4/2457

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Reporting Personnel: Helena (Helen) Hall

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Captain

Personnel Involved: Helena Hall, Captain. Hunter Robinson, Internal Affairs Agent, Phoebe Essel, Assistant.

Time of Incident: ----

Location of Incident: Medical Bay/Captain's Office

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property []Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment []Assault [X]Misconduct []Other _____ (Place an x in the box that applies. If other, replace line and specify.)

Overview of the Incident:

Agent Robinson entered the medical bay, ranting about Ms. Essel wearing a purple set of scrubs, that she had brought with her from the Odin. Upon being asked to halt this, he began whining that Ms. Essel had her medical license revoked (Which she did, but it had been reinstated in December) . After attempting to force an investigation upon Ms. Essel and harassing her, I had to use my authority as Captain to turn the IAAs away, eventually having to resort to having an Officer escort from the Medical Lobby. I reported this to Central Command, and they were issued a warning. However, Agent Robinson decided to 'threaten' me during my warning-passon . He told me that he was currently investigating me on executive permission from NanoTrasen, on charges of corruption, and that I'd have a court order subpoena in the mail soon, they also said they had received permission to investigate Commander Vira De Santos, Phoebe Essel and myself, although no such information came from Central Command.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: Myself

Additional notes: Agent Hunter Robinson also showed neglect for record confidentiality, publically sharing private record information about Phoebe over the communications, and trying to throw her employment record down disposals because he disagreed with it's information. Agent Robinson also had a secret record portfolio of Phoebe Essel, perhaps showing an obsession with trying to find guilt in any of her actions.

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Intermediate actions towards Hunter Robinson concerning IR 24/4/2457 H.Hall

Until the completion of deliberation and any subsequent investigations to new information on the concerned matter.

Mr Robinson is hereby stripped of his rights to start a internal affairs investigation without written, and certified approval from the department of Aurora Duty Officers or above.

A total barring from involvement or expression of thoughts in any investigations concerning; Vira De Santos, Dr Phoebe Essel, and/or Helen Hall due to a plausible case of personal conflict.

Subsequent cases of fraud and misuse of official resources for personal vendetta's will result in immediate suspension, without pay.

Notes on the matter of IR 24/4/2457 H.Hall

Dr Phoebe Essel as a lab assistant, not an assistant as previously stated.

A note to Captain Helen Hall, on the matter of reporting information being listed as 'myself' This section exists to include a preferably neutral and unaffected third party being informed or aware of the present issue, In the cases of actions taken and/or able to be interviewed as an outside party to remove he said, she said issues. Please ensure you use this section properly in the future, or submit 'none' in this category in the future.

Same shift dispatch was made in Duty officer involvement to this matter. Interview logs and activity reports have been made for staff with the correct security clearance.

Duty Officer Daniel Bay

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Actions to be taken in the matter or IR H.Hall 24/4/2456

Mr Hunter Robinson will be suspended from the investigative branches [Forensic Technician, Detective, and Internal Affairs Agent] with restricts handling of evidence without supervision. Possibilities of promotion to Head of Security and Warden postings are subject to appeal with proof of improvement in conduct.

In the matters of lack of objectivity. Mr Robinson is hereby restricted in matters concerning Dr Pheobe Essel. And should not engage in an attempted arrest, prosecution or brigging without a neutral third party or as backup for another officer. Please avoid creating contact situations unless there is no other option. Any issues from this will be heavily reviewed.

Duty Officer Daniel Bay

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