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  1. My two cents. I like the idea, and quite a few of the smaller sprites. The APCs seem a little bulky compared to most of the other reduced sleek sprites though. Like others the reinforced walls are a bit funky (big fan of the plain though), but my main issues come with main metal floors being as dark as they are, makes some places very, VERY grey in some areas (see image) It needs a decent contrast. I will also echo that the medical tiles seem soft enough that they are hard to look and a could easily lead to a headache, so while their contrast is far easier on the eye in terms of the grey,
  2. Right. As for what was happening in the elevator. I was going for the Odysseus in there to help evac my crew in what I thought was a protracted fire fight below. I saw Willow and the CT go up thinking that they were smartly pulling out of a combat zone and not Operating as normal to the adjacent combat zone going up and down for crates So when the elevator came down when I called it and they were in their I aimed at Willow and started typing to make a deal. They made me fire then the taj CT pulls out their auto .45 then a shield. and just opens up. So I retreat while returning fire. Aiming for
  3. There are a number of cases where someone will say something that should make sense to a lot of people only to get a "What does that mean?" So here is a place to make a growing list of names, contractions, and others that are generally accepted by the community. General: Internals = Personal air supply. Via mask or some sealed suits, with a form of tank. Disposals = Context specific. Will either refer to all bins and pipes in the rubbish network, or the end point of the crusher. Carp = Space carp, the purple fish like creatures that migrate through the void. Dweller = Cavern Dweller,
  4. Many places like the kitchen, chemistry, an some places in science t least used too have brown wrapping paper, an a labeller given to all those with the wrapper and brown paper, for when it used to go through cargo to be sorted. The item is the destination tagger that can only tag it for the sorting office. Saving some of the hand deliveries an giving cargo more to do.
  5. So many possibilities with that. Could be very risky with griffer chemists. Crank the amount and potassium + water = victim giblets. So balance would be quite the consideration.
  6. Kaed's idea sounds pretty good, one verb 'change help intent' that cycles through, like the pull punches one.
  7. Let me continue with the government analogy, parties that win a small majority make a coalition with others to make it over 50%, round types can't bargain, so most majorities would get stuck in the weeds below 50% giving them little to no reason to vote at all. In the analogy, winning the vote gains the party power with which to deal and discuss. A flat point for point, means no one wins a vote. The majority cannot bargain for a better position, so the majority should have more power, it isn't token. It is a representitive concept At 51/49 split currently has a 100% outcome (An I am fine with
  8. I am iffy on this whole thing. But a thought to toss in the ring. On the matter of majority doesn't matter vs minority doesn't matter. Why not have the randomizer split. The majority wins 50% of the pot, and then the other 50% is divvied up by the actual votes Do using the hypothetical votes above. We would get: EXTENDED 65% (50 for majority+15 vote count), MALFUNCTION 2.5%, MERCENARY 3.5%, WIZARD 6.5%, CULT 7.5%, AUTOTRAITOR 5%, NINJA 5% It would also remove the 70% of the time it is a round not by the majority as the majority will always have over 50% of the weighting.
  9. That is astoundingly accurate. My main issue that I feel I need to highlight even though I have resigned from the CCIA, and have been trying to avoid tossing in my own two cents to let Synno carry on their succession unimpeded. I am going to grandfather in on this one. Regarding your talk about mained as an IAA. So. Overlooking personal issues from dealing with you and ignoring the badmouthing of the Duty Officers, which is the CCIA on reddit. An leaving those aspects out of the quotes. Quoting myself. While a Duty Officer (CCIA Agent) Excerpts from Re: Theplahunters unban appeal
  10. Yeah, I usually have some dex plus in pure for dire dex plus needs to hook to an IV or inject. An The DexInapro mix is used where I would use inaprovaline over where I would use dex in most cases. But an excellent point if you are using it primarily for the dex use it would be more helpful.
  11. Jackboot's Idea is bloody good. Otherwise an idea is making the cardboard a little toxic/builds up in their gut. So if they are eating more than one box in a short amount of time. They flat up die. To at least de-incentivise the mass box munch. Also. Hide traps under tables when?
  12. Really good guide. But my 2 cents are. With diluted Dexalin plus. Inaprovaline instead of water is my go too. If they are in crit oxyloss, it will reset the oxy, and fight the drop too. Also sometimes you just want pure stuff, never hurts to have a little in reserve even if it isn't in the fridge. Oxycodone is very helpful in surgery if you need to get into them quick, or can't take gas like vacura. While they are awake, it can be good especially for critical internal bleeds. IV at 0.03u/s hook em up wash hands and have at it. But outside of extreme trauma and surgery it shouldn't really need
  13. I think a lot of good points have been raised in regards to what should and should not be done. But I do have a few points and prospective questions of my own. I have little to no problem with job hopping in and around the low level service and supply jobs. I have worked a number of jobs like that an there is a lot of shuffling to fill gaps or I have even seen employees who are in various departments depending on the day of the week in a regular roster ranging from food prep to paperwork to barista. In regards to the officer paramedic combo. I can see it happening, but stay in you cu
  14. Type: Dionea Lore, Naming convention. Basic Description: Giving them a title prefix similar to Mr or Ms before the last word in their name to make referring to them by others easier. At current I suggest 'Ges.' An abbreviation of Gestalt. As such "Leaf that Grasps the Sky" or "Wind Howling through Ocean" would become "Ges Sky" or "Ges Ocean" for a formal shortening or Gestalt Sky/Ocean in an extended format. Reason: Some of the names are long and several character act in a formal manner where they will routinely call people by their relevant title and surname. Dionea have never had
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