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Incident Report 25/4/2457

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Reporting Personnel: Jason Finn

Rank of Reporting Personnel: Chef

Personnel Involved: CUSTM-VS (Seucrity officer), harold kepperson (Psychiatrist), Carmen Ariana(Security Officer), Bald Assistant ((who's name I don't remember and the logs already erased, but who was played by CaptainOfSouls))

Time of Incident:

Location of Incident: Bar, kitchen, hallway, medbay lobby

Nature of Incident: []Workplace Hazard []Accident/Injury []Destruction of Property [X]Neglect of Duty [X]Harassment [X]Assault [X]Misconduct [X]Other theft

Overview of the Incident:

-After a giant spider infestation the psychiatrist came to the kitchen and threw in a massive spider corpse and commanded me to cut it with my knife and cook it. When I refused and told him to get the giant spider out of my kitchen, he forceuflly entered the kitchen univited, screaming at me to cut it. When I refused he started screaming at me and pushing me down, wrestling the knife and rolling pin out of my hand by force. Meanwhile CUSTM-VS, the security guard, was standing by, observing and doing nothing to help, cheering the psychiatrist on.

He cut at the spider's body, and then attempted to climb out of the kitchen with my knife still in hand. I pushed him back down off the counter and took the knife away from him.

After another security officer came along (Carmen) and took control of the situation (there were several witnesses by this point, among which was the bald assistnat), and the psychiatrist was pulled out of the kitchen, things were calm for a few minutes, then I spotted the Psychiatrist and security IPC chasing a monkey through the bar, flashing it repeatedly, pushing it around, and using what I believe to be excessive force.

I attempted to pull the monkey to the safety of the kitchen's pasture to try and save it, but they followed me in and began attacking me, the psychiatrist was attacking me, and the IPC officer was attacking the monkey, eventually killing him.

After the psychiatrist pushed me down to the floor and they both left I chased after the officer, who tried to avoid me by taking the (by now) dead monkey trhough a variety of maintenance tunnels, when I finally caught up with him and asked him why he killed the monkey he refused to give me an answer and just walked away, leaving the dead monkey in the hallway. I asked him again, which he followed by announcing over comms that it was me who killed the monkey even though several people in the bar (including Ziva M'otaki) saw that it was them who had attacked the monkey, and I merely pulled it away to the kitchen.

When I asked the HoP and captain to intervene, as I was being framed for a crime I did not commit, they did not reply (they were preoccupied with the spider situation).

Later as I was explaining what happened to a security officer (Carmen), the psychiatrist interrupted our conversation, I decided to walk away and look for the HoP/Captain. I searched for them in the medbay lobby. The psychiatrist followed me there, tossed a PDA at me, knocked me down, stole my PDA, which fell out of my hand as I got knocked down, and ran off.

When I found him again he was talking to Carmen, and he denied having it. I asked her to search him, which she did, the PDA was not found. I have yet to find out what he has done with it or where it is.

The IPC officer was there as well, and when he claimed that I was the one who killed the monkey, the psychiatrist joined him and accused me of it, too.

I mentioned several times, from the first moment I was accused, that there were witnesses in the bar at the time that this happened, even stating the names of those I had recognize and asking that they be asked about what happened. Those who know me will also testify I am a vegetarian and have on several occasions refused to kill animals for food and tned to use synthmeat.

The psychiatrist proceeded to taunt me, saying I "murdered his pet". The IPC claims I hit the monkey, the psychiatrist claims I was taking it to the Gibber. I got angry and punched him (for which I take full responsibility, and I spent the appropriate amount of time in Brig).

After being released I went to look for my PDA in medbay and saw that the psychiatrist's office had the attacked monkey in it, strapped to a gurnee, 4 chickens, and Pun Pun, the bar's monkey.

I alerted security, but there was no response.

I asked him where he put my PDA, he claimed he put it in a locker outside of the kitchen. I went and looked, there was no locker outside of the kitchen besides an oxygen locker which had no PDA in it. I saw the Captain and filled her in. She asked the IPC officer to apologize to me, as though that would make up for trying to accuse me of a crime I did not commit. He did not.

Only after finding Carmen again and letting her know there were animals being cooped up in the psychiatrist's office did she go and check. After checking she returned, saying all the animals were alive and well.

Less than a minute later the psychiatrist passed us, dragging Pun Pun's dead body, claiming the chickens attacked and killed him while we were away.

He was then taken in to be arrested, but only for Pun Pun's death, nothing else.

In short, I was attacked multiple times, the psychiatrist attempted to run off with a stolen weapon(kitchen knife), I witnessed animal abuse, and was attacked again while trying to prevent it, a security officer then attempted to frame me for it, my reports about this going on were left unanswered, and my PDA was stolen from me. Due to the spider infestation none of these matters (excluding Pun Pun's death) were taken care of.

Did you report it to a Head of Staff or IAA? If so, who?: I reported it via PDA to the Head of Security at the time, and the Captain ((I don't remember their names and the logs are no longer showing it since it was several rounds ago))

Additional notes:

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While I will not be taking part in this case, due to involvement in other cases pertaining to this shift, I would like to gain some clarity on two matters and possibly submit some assisting information in an of itself.

'After the pharmacist pushed me down to the floor and they both left I chased after the officer, who tried to avoid me by taking the (by now) dead monkey'

'I reported it via PDA to the Head of Staff at the time, and the Captain.'

It the two underlines statements above did you mean psychiatrist and Head of Security, respectively?

As I was on station late in that shift, there was a pertaining matter which required the Captain Helen Hall's direct attendance, and the Head of Security Vira De Santos was involved heavily in a wide array of significant incidents. While not excusing lack of action on this issue, it makes it understandable as per the notes you gave.

Duty Officer Daniel Bay

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Saaalutations! This is CU5TM-VS Security Officer bot reporting! I witnessed the chef and psychiatrist brutally attempt to subdue the monkey. Note an experimental monkey!-- Why I am yelling in a message that is text, I do not know but don't question my personality! Anyway back on topic, I observed the criminal scumbags beat the monkey, the only reason it died was from me (The awesome CU5TM-VS bot, I know you can give me praise later, I'm soooo cool. I'm also really lonely..) When I dragged the poor monkey, it's wounds ripped open and killed it! I only attempted to help the monkey from it's pending DOOM!

P.S, Criminal Scumbags are also chicken beaters!

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